ASME EA-3 pdf download

ASME EA-3 pdf download

ASME EA-3 pdf download Energy Assessment for Steam Systems
5.8 Develop Assessment Measurement Plan The assessment team shall develop a measure- ment plan to ensure that data collected is accurate, precise, and repeatable under a specif c set of operating conditions.
5.8.1 Measurement With In-Place Equipment. Data can be obtained from already-installed and operating measurement system(s). The calibration and precision of the in-place measurement equipment shall be ascertained and documented, as shall the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements obtained.
5.8.2 Measurement With Portable Equipment. Data can be obtained with the use of portable equipment pro- vided by the facility or the assessment team. The calibration and precision of the portable equipment shall be ascertained and documented, as shall the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements obtained.
5.8.3 Values Determined by Estimation. In the case that the measurement point is inaccessible or presents a physical risk, estimates may be necessary. Such estimates shall be based on mass and energy balances around the desired measurement point or knowledge based on com- mon practice (see para. 5.1.1). In the case that reasonable estimation of needed values cannot be made, the specif c conditions precluding such estimates and the impact on the assessment must be specif ed in the f nal report (see section 6).
5.9 Wrap-Up Meeting and Presentation of Initial Findings and Recommendations The f nal step in the on-site phase of the assessment is the presentation of initial f ndings and recommendations.
This event shall be attended by representatives of plant management and all assessment team members. It is suggested that a facility employee should chair the wrap-up meeting and aid in presenting the assessment results to encourage “buy-in” and demonstrate ownership of the assessment process and results. During this meeting, outstanding questions from the assessment team should be addressed. Then, the tentative results of the assessment should be formally presented and should include a review of the current status of steam system energy eff ciency, the assessment process used, and the recommended assessment measures with energy and cost sav- ings projections. The results presented shall be qualif ed to be preliminary, subject to needed further analysis. The target dates for the delivery of a draft and f nal versions of the written report shall be set by mutual agreement.
6 ASSESSMENT DATA ANALYSIS Analysis of collected data shall be either manual cal- culations or complex system analyses. For manual analysis (e.g., determination of boiler combustion eff ciency from tables of stack temperature and excess O 2 values), the analysis results can, for example, be immediately determined at the site of raw data measurement. For complex system analyses, system level tool(s) shall be used to model steam system conditions and quantify po- tential savings opportunities. Variations in operational data (e.g., boiler f ring rates) should be incorporated in the data analysis. Typical variations result from process (production) variations, seasonal variations, and facility modif cations (e.g., plant expansion).

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