ASME EA-2 pdf download

ASME EA-2 pdf download

ASME EA-2 pdf download Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems
s/uaff inpuf power: the amount of power delivered to theshaft of a driven piece of equipment
system: logical group of energy-using industrial equipment organized to perform a specific function.
ststen botnidary: the parts of a system that should be investigated during the assessment process fall inside thesystem boundaries. Other parts might be connected tothe system but are not included in the assessment, Suchparts could,however, influence the overall goal or purpose of the system. The assessment team determines theproper system boundaries as well as the points at whichefficiency measurements should be made
susteml clrte: a curveindicatinethe headrequired toachieve a certain flow rate through a system for a fixedset of system conditions, including liquid levels, gas orvapor overpressure,and valve positions.The pumpoperates where the system curve intersects the pumpcurve.
throftle: a device (normally a valve) that is used to increase the frictional resistance as a means to control flowrate.
total dunamic or differenfial head: the measure of energiper unit weight of liquid. imparted to the liquid by thepump. This can be described as an increase in height ofa column of liquid that the pump would create if thestatic pressure head and the velocity head were converted without loss into elevation head at their respective locations.
wariable freguency drive(VFD): an electronic device designedto control the rotational speed of an alternating current(AC)electric motor by controlling the apparent frequencyand voltage of the electrical power supplied to the motorAlso referred to as an adjustable frequency drive.
variable speed drive(VSD): any device that varies the speedof the pump, either mechanically or electrically. Also referred to as an adjustable speed drive.
3 REFERENCES3.1 Reference StandardsThere are no reference standards in this Standard.
3.2 Informative References
This Standard can be incorporated into an energy management plan developed using ANSI/MSE 2000:2008A Management System for Energy, Georgia Institute ofTechnology, 2008 Nonmandatory Appendix A lists keyreferences with additional information about pumpingsystems.
4 ORGANIZING THE ASSESSMENT 4.1 Identifi cation of Assessment Team Members A comprehensive and complete assessment can be achieved only when a set of knowledgeable personnel par- ticipate in the assessment process. A number of functions required to accomplish an assessment are listed in para. 4.1.1. The assessment team shall have members that are as- signed responsibility and authority to carry out these func- tions. Additional assessment team member information is identif ed in para. 4.8.1.

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