ASME B73.2 pdf download

ASME B73.2 pdf download

ASME B73.2 pdf download Specification for Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process
This Standard covers motor-driven centrifugal pumps of vertical shaft, single stage design with suction and discharge nozzles in line. It includes dimensional interchangeability requirements and certain design features to facilitate installation and maintenance. It is the intent ofthis Standard thatpumps ofthe samestandarddimen- sion designation, from all sources of supply, shall be interchangeable with respect to mounting dimensions and size and location of suction and discharge nozzles (see Table 1).
2 ALTERNATIVE DESIGN Alternate designs will be considered, provided they meet the intent of this Standard and cover construction characteristics which are equivalent to and otherwise in accordance with these specifications. All deviations from these specifications shall be described in detail.
3.1 Source All nomenclature and definitions of pump compo- nents shall beinaccordance withthe Hydraulic Institute, ANSI/HI 1.1-1.2.
3.2 In-Line Pump An in-line pump is an overhung impeller-type pump whose driving unit is supported exclusively by the pump, and whose suction and discharge connections have a common centerline that intersects the shaft axis.
4.1 Pressure and Temperature Limits 4
.1.1 Pressure Limits. Pressure limitations shall be stated by the pump manufacturer. The design pressure of the casing, including seal chamber or stuffing box and gland, shall be at least as great as the pressure-temperature rating of ASME B16.5 Class 150 flanges or B16.42Class 150 flanges for the material used. The design pressure of jackets shall be at least 100 psig (690 kPa gage) at 340°F (170°C). Heating jackets may be required for jacket temperatures to 500°F (260°C) with a reduction in pressure corresponding to the reduction in yield strength of the jacket material. Casing, stuffing box cover or seal chamber, and jackets shall be designed to withstand a hydrostatic test at 1.5 times the maximum design pressure for the particular component and material of construction used (see para. 5.2.1).
4.1.2 Temperature Limits. Pumps should be available for operating temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). Jack- eting and other modifications may be required to meet the operating temperature.
4.2 Flanges Suction and discharge nozzles shall be flanged. Flanges shall conformto ASME B16.5 Class 150 or B16.42 Class 150 standards except that marking requirements are not applicable and the maximum acceptable toler- ance on parallelism of the back of the flange shall be 3 deg. As an option, Class 300 flanges per ASME B16.5 or B16.42 may be offered subject to the manufacturer’s casing pressure-temperature limitations. All pumps regardless of flange rating shall conform to the SD dimension shown in Table 1. SD dimensions shall be the same for all class flanges (see Table 1).

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