ASME EA-4 pdf download

ASME EA-4 pdf download

ASME EA-4 pdf download Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems
Assessments involve collecting and analyzing systemdesign,operation, energy use, and performance dataand identifying energy performance improvement opportunities for system optimization. An assessment mayalso include additional information, such as recommendations for improving resource utilization, reducing perunit production cost, reducing lifecycle costs, and im-proving environmental performance relatedto the assessed system(s]. Assessment activities include.but arenot limited to, engaging facility personnel and information about the assessment process; collectingand analyzing data on system design, operation, energyuse,and performance; identifying energy performanceimprovement opportunities;and making recommenda-tions for system improvement and implementation ina written report. This report should document systemdesign; quantify energy operation and performancedata; document the assessment process; show results.recommendations,and energy savings projections;andimprove facility personnels understanding of system
energy use and operation.This Standard sets requirements for(a) organizing and conducting a compressed air sys-tem assessment
(b) analyzing the data from the assessment(c) reporting and documentation of assessment findingsWhen contracting for assessment services, plant personnel may use the Standard to define and communicatetheir desired scope of assessment activity to third partycontractors or consultants
1.2 Limitations
This Standard does not provide guidance on how toperform an assessment for compressed air systems butsets the requirements that need to be met during the as-sessment. For additional assistance, see the companionASME Guidance for ASME EA-4 Energy Assessment forCompressed Air Systems on how to apply this Standard(a) This Standard does not specify how to design acompressed air system.(b) This Standard does not specify the qualificationsand expertise required of the person using the Standard.(c) This Standard does not specify how to implementthe recommendations developed during the assessmentbut does include recommendations for implementationactivities.
(d) This Standard does not specify how to measureand validate the energy savings that result from implementing assessment recommendations.
(e) This Standard does not specify howw to calibrate testequipment used during the assessment.
1.3 Introduction — Using the System Assessment Standard Industrial facilities use compressed air as an essential energy source to power tools or machines and for pro- cess applications. Characteristics of compressed air, such as responsiveness and safety, make it an effective and de- sirable means of delivering energy to production.
There are many end uses of compressed air energy applied to all types of different industries. No two com- pressed air systems or compressed air system assess- ments are identical. Therefore, this Standard is provided as a f exible framework that, when applied to the wide variety of industrial compressed air systems, can accom- plish an effective energy and performance assessment.

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