ASME EA-1G pdf download

ASME EA-1G pdf download

ASME EA-1G pdf download Guidance for ASME EA-1, Energy Assessment for Process Heating Systems
3 overview of tHe Standard — How to uSe aSMe ea-1 ASME EA-1 is organized as described in paras.
3.1 through 3.7. 3.1 Section 1: Scope and introduction This section includes the scope for the standard, limitations of the standard, and an introduction on how to use the standard that includes information on the sys- tems approach and the system engineering process. No guidance is provided for this section of the standard.
3.2 Section 2: defnitions This section includes defnitions of terms used in the standard. No guidance is provided for this section, and these defnitions are repeated in section 2 of this document.
3.3 Section 3: references This section includes documents that are referenced in the standard. No guidance is provided for this section of the standard.
3.4 Section 4: organizing the assessment This section includes requirements on how to organize an assessment including identifcation of team mem- bers and responsibilities, requirements for preliminary data collection and analysis, and requirements on the development of assessment goals and a plan of action. Guidance is provided in section 4 of this document.
3.5 Section 5: conducting the assessment This section includes requirements on how to con- duct an assessment (the implementation phase of the plan of action). Guidance is provided in section 5 of this document.
3.6 Section 6: analysis of data from the assessment This section includes requirements on how the ana- lyze the data collected during an assessment, including the development of a baseline profle. Guidance is pro- vided in section 6 of this document.
3.7 Section 7: reporting and documentation This section includes requirements on how to struc- ture the assessment report. Guidance is provided in sec- tion 7 of this document.
4 Guide to orGanizinG tHe aSSeSSMent An assessment work plan should be prepared and reviewed with the team members. An example of a typi- cal work plan is given in Nonmandatory Appendix C.
4.1 identifcation of assessment team Members There is no additional guidance for this clause.
4.1.1 required functions and Personnel. Potential assessment team members to fll the functional roles identifed in ASME EA-1 could include those listed in (a) through (d).
(a) Authorized Manager. An authorized manager should accept overall responsibility and have fnal decision-making authority. Responsibilities could include supervising the assessment team and providing resources necessary to plan and execute the assessment. Resources include such items as funding, availability of company personnel at the plant site, and, as necessary, requisitioning internal work orders and supplies. The manager should also allocate and authorize the partici- pation of outside contractors and consultants, and, as necessary, oversee the participation of outside personnel including contracts, scheduling, confdentiality agree- ments, and statement of work.
(b) Assessment Team Leader. Plant management can demonstrate commitment to the assessment goals, objectives, and activities by appointing a system assess- ment team leader familiar with the processes, systems, and equipment related to process heating in the plant. The team leader should be familiar with operating and maintenance practices for the process heating equipment (or should have access, during the assessment, to people who are) and should be empowered to obtain necessary support from plant personnel and other individuals and organizations during the assessment.
(c) Process Heating Expert. The team should include a process heating expert. This individual, either a corporate or plant employee or outside consultant, should have the requisite qualifcations, background, experi-

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