ASME B56.11.1 pdf download

ASME B56.11.1 pdf download

ASME B56.11.1 pdf download Double Race or BiL evel Swivel and Rigid Industrial Casters
This standard establishes dimensional standards fordouble race or bi-level swivel and rigid industrial castersin order to provide for the overall interchangeability ofa complete caster.
Most industrial casters are purchased as a completeunit, which includes the caster assembly and the wheelFor this reasonthe specifications and dimensional tol-erances in this Standard provide for the overall interchangeability of a complete caster.This Standard does not include detailed specificationsfor the wheel utilized within the Standard, and does notinclude data on load rating for specific sizes of industrialcasters.
Factors affecting interchangeability of a caster in-clude overall height, overall size of mounting plate, holespacings for the mounting plate. mounting bolt diameter, and swivel radius. Dimensions for each of theseitems are included in this Standard along with applicabletolerances.
For the purpose of identification, a nominal specification is given for the wheel diameter and tread widthWheel diameter and tread width do not affect inter.changeability of the entire caster, and tolerances aretherefore not necessary .
To carry out the provisions of this Standard, all itemsare mandatory except for those including the worcshould, which are recommendations.
For terminology not included in this publication,refer to ANSI Z94.0.
The B56 Committee will render an interpretation ofany requirement of this Standard. Interpretations will berendered only in response to a written request sent to theSecretary of the B56 Committee,ASME,345 East 47th
Street, New YorkNY 10017. The request for interpretation shall be in the following format.Subject;
Cite the applicable paragraph number(s)and provide a concise description.
Cite the applicable edition of the perti-nent standard for which the interpretationis being requested.Phrase the question as a request for aninterpretation of a specific requirementsuitable for general understanding anduse, not as a request for approval of aproprietary design or situation. The inquirer may also include any plans ordrawings which are necessary to explainthe question; however, they should notcontain proprietary names or information.
ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of anyinterpretation when or if additional information whichmight affect an interpretation is available. Further, per-sons aggrieved by an interpretation may appeal to thecognizant ASME Committee or Subcommittee.ASMEdoes not “approve,’4*certify,” “rate,”or “endorse’any item,construction, proprietary device, or activity .The values stated in U.S. customary units are to beregarded as the standard.
Casters of various sizes are arranged into broadly defined duty classifications as a preliminary guide to se-lecting the caster size determined by experience assuitable for various applications. Caster manufacturersdesign casters for the duty classifications described inthe following paragraphs and their literature and cus-tomer service departments should be consulted for details of load capacity for particular applications underconsideration.Dimensional requirements for these clas-sifications are given in Table 1.

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