ASME B56.11.5 pdf download

ASME B56.11.5 pdf download

ASME B56.11.5 pdf download Measurements of Sound Emitted by Low Lift, High Lift, and Rough Terrain Powered Industrial Trucks
This Standard establishes the conditions, test pro- cedures, environment, and instrumentation for the determination and reporting of the A-weighted sound pressure level of electric battery and internal combustion engine powered, low lift, high lift, and rough terrain industrial trucks. It excludes earthmov- ing machinery, industrial cranes, and vehicles in. tended primarily for use on public roads.
It provides test procedures for measuring both operator and bystander exposure to sound produced by the trucks.
The test procedures set forth in this Standard pro- vide the basis for determining the contribution pow. ered industrial trucks make to the overall sound level ofa selcted work area.
This Standard applies to all types of low f, high lift, and rough terrain powered industrial trucks. This Standard provides methods for testing and reporting sound levels emitted by powered industrial trucks.
This Standard provides secifications for instrumentation, measurement site, microphone locations, and sound analysis, as well as operating conditions for the truck under test.
Tests are provided for trucks both in motion and static, and with lifting gear in operation when appro- priate. It is of primary importance that the mcasure- ments taken relate to normal operation and procedures, thus including transmission, hydraulic, and mast elevating sounds.
The tests and procedures detailed in Section 6 of this Standard provide a means of establishing Equivalent Sound Levels (Lg) by dividing a simplifted work cycle into basic elements.
This avoids the inconven. iences involved in recording measurements during the work cycle, either by the use of tape recorders or dosimeters. The work cycle used refiects the highly qyclical nature of powered industrial truck sound. Details of the work cycle used in computing the ta- bles are shown in Appendix A.
3.1 American National Standards ANSI S1.4-1971(R1976) Specification for Sound Level Meters
3.2 International Organizetion for Standardization ISO/R 199-1975, Acoustical Asesseat of Occupational Noise Exposure for Hearing Conservation Purposes ISO 2204-1979, Acoustical Guide to International Standards on the Measurement of Airborme Acoustical Noise and Evaluation of its ffects on Human Beings 3.3 International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Publication 651(1979), Sound Level Meters
4 DEFINITIONS capaciry – the capacity of a truck equipped with load carriage and forks, or with attachments, is the weight ata specified load center that a given truck can transport in a carry position and stack to the maximum elevation of the load engaging means

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