ASME B56.9 pdf download

ASME B56.9 pdf download

ASME B56.9 pdf download Safety Standard for Operator Controlled Industrial Tow Tractors
41.2 Part I contains broad safety standards applicable to tow tractor operation. Only authorizedoperators trained to adhere strictly to the operatinginstructions stated in Section 5 shall be permitted to operatc tow tractors.Unusual operating conditions may require additional safety precautions and special operatinginstructions.
4.2 Modifications, Nameplates,Marking,andCapacity
421 Modifications and additions which affect capacity or safe operation shall not be performed by theuser without the manufacturer’s prior written approval.Where such authorization is granted, capacity,operation. and maintenance instruction plates, tags, or decalsshall be changed accordingly.
4.2.2 The user shall see that all nameplates, caution,and instruction markings are in place and legible.
4.2.3 The user shall consider that changes in load(s),dimension(s),coupling(s),and position(s),may affectcapacities.
4.3 Stopping Distance
4.3.1 General. The tow tractor rated brake drawbatdrag is based on dry level foor operation with specifiedcoupler height.The actual brake drawbar drag capabil-ity on a particular surface, as well as speed, load, andgrades, affect stopping distance. The determination ofstopping distance depends on many factors, such as othervehicle and pedestrian traffic. clearances for evasive ac-tion, and stability of loads on trailers. Changes inwcather and surface conditions affect the amount ofbrake drag force availablc, and speeds and loads shouldbe adjusted accordingly.
4.3.2 Desoending Grades
(a) When descending a grade, stopping distance willbe greater than on level operation. Nfethode chall be provided to allow for this condition. Some methods are:reducing speed, limiting loads, allowing adequate cleatspace at the bottom of the grade, etc.(See para. 5.3.7.)(b) Approximate theoretical stopping distance for adry clean asphalt, brushed concrete, or equivalent sur-face may be determined from the following formulas:
S;= distance to stop,m
= velocity,km/h
4.4 Fuel Handling and Storage
4.4.1 The storage and handling of liquid.fuels (suchas gasoline and diesel fuel) shall be in accordance withANSI/NFPA 505 and ANSI/NFPA 30
4.4.2 The storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gas fuel shall be in accordance with ANSI/NFPA505 and ANSI/NFPA 58.
4.5 Changing and Charging Storage Batteriesfor Electric Tow Tractors
4.5.1 Battery changing and charging facilities andprocedures shall be in accordance with ANSI/NFPA505,
4.5.2 The charger connector shall not be plugged intothe tow tractor connector under any circumstances.
4.5.3 To avoid damage to equipment or injury topersonnel,follow manufacturer’s procedures when re-placing the contacts in any battery connector.
4.6 Hazardous Locations
4.6.1 It shall be the responsibility of the user to determine the hazard classification of any particular atmosphere or location according to ANSI/NFPA 505
4.6.2 Dependent on the proposed type of tow tractorand area, approved tow tractors shall be built in compliance with UL S58 or UL S83.
4.6.3 Tow tractors and areas of use shall be markedin accordance with ANSI/NFPA 505.
4.7 Aisles and Obstructions
4.71 Permanent aisles,roadways or passageways,fioors. and ramps shall be defined in some fashion ormarked to conform with ANSI Z531.

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