ASME B30-13 pdf download

ASME B30-13 pdf download

SECTION 13-0.1: SCOPE OF B30.13
Within the general scope defined in Section I ASMEB30.13 applies to storage/retrieval (S/R) machines andassociated equipment, such as aisle transfer cars andaisle equipment (as defined in para. 13-0.2.1), and inter-faces with other material handling equipment coverecunder other standards. The provisions of this Standardapplying to S/R machines shall apply equally to theconstruction,installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of aisle transfer cars and any loadhandling equipment which is part of or attached to S/R machines or aisle transfer cars.
SECTION 13-0.2: DEFINITIONS13-0.2.1 Types of Equipment
sforage/retrieval (S/R) machines: a machine operating onfloor or other mounted rail(s) used for transferring a loadfrom a storage compartment to a pickup and deposit (Pand D) station and from a P and D station to a storagecompartment. The movement of the storage/retrievalmachine may be both vertical and parallel in the aisle. Astorage/retrieval machine is sometimes called a storagecrane or S/R machine, but it is different from a stackercrane. A typical unit load storage/retrieval machine isshown in Fig.1.
aisle fransfer car: a machine or vehicle for transferringan S/R machine from aisle to aisle and that normallyruns on a rail or rails (see Fig. 2).
automatic (S/R) machine: an S/R machine which whenactivated operates through a preset program cycle orcycles.
operator ridden (S/R) machine: an S/R machine, with acab attached to the machine and with an operator in thecab, whose movements can be controlled either manually or automatically (see Fig. 3).
13-0.2.2 General
administrative or regulatory authority: governmentalagency or the employer in the absence of governmentaljurisdiction.
aisle, machine: space between storage compartment rowsin which the S/R machine operates.
aisle, pedestrian: a walkway designated for pedestriantraffic.
ampacity: current-carrying capacity of electric conductorsexpressed in amperes.
appointed; assigned specific responsibilities by theemployer or the employer s representative
Authorized: approved by a duly constituted administrative or regulatory authority.
automnatic or automafically: pertains to equipment functions which do not require the attention of the operatorduring their functional operation.
brake: a device, other than a motor, used for retardingor stopping motion by friction or power means
buffer: an energy dissipating device for reducing impactwhen a moving S/R machine reaches the end of itspermitted travel, or when two moving S/R machinescome into contact.
bumper: an energy absorbing device for reducing impactwhen a moving S/R machine reaches the end of itspermitted travel, or when two moving S/R machinescome into contact.
cab: the operator’s compartment on an S/R machine
cab, carriage mounted: an operator’s cab which is attachedto the carriage of an S/R machine and moves verticallywith the carriage.
carriage: that part of an S/R machine by which a loadis moved in the vertical direction.
carriage free fall stop: a mechanism used to prevent orstop uncontrolled descent of the carriage in event of lossof support.

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