ASME B30-20 pdf download

ASME B30-20 pdf download

ASME B30-20 pdf download Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings
indicafor, internal control funcfion: an indicator whichshows that the permanent magnet material in one typeof electrically controlled permanent magnet has beenpositioned internally to provide full magnetic attractionlond (capacity), rafed: the maximum load that the liftingmagnet is designated to handle by the manufacturer.lond (capacity), specified application: a load applied to thelifting magnet when it is used to handle a specified loadload (maximin), specified: a load identified by a part num.ber or other controlled definition.
electromagnet, battery-powered: a lifting magnet thatrequires continuous current supplied by a battery tomaintain holding force [see Fig. 7, sketch (a)].
electromagnet, externally powered; a lifting magnet sus-pended from a crane that requires power from a sourceexternal to the crane
permanent magnet, electrically controlled: a lifting magnet that derives holding force from permanent magnetmaterial and requires current only during the period ofattachment or release [see Fig. 7, sketch (b)].
permanent magnet, manually controlled: a lifting magnetthat derives holding force from permanent magnet material and requires a manual effort during period of attachment or release [see Fig. 7,sketch (c)
magnef, lifting, close proximity operated: a lifting magnetused in such a fashion that the operator manually positions the lifting magnet on the load, and manuallyguides the lifting magnet and load during a lift.
magnef, lifting, general application: lifting magnets that areintended by the manufacturer to be used on a number otdifferent geometrical shapes and do not fall under thecategory of remotely operated lifting magnets.
magnet, lifting, remofely operated: a lifting magnet thatdoes not require the operator or other personnel to bein close proximity to the lifting magnet or its load whilethe lifting magnet is in use.
magnef, lifting, specified application: lifting magnets thatare designed for lifting specified geometrical configura-tions and weights of designated parts, identified by partnumber or other controlled definition and used in acontrolled manner.
service, heavy dufy: that service which involves operationwithin the rated load limit that exceeds normal service.service, normal: rated load (capacity) at 50% duty cycleover one shift (8 hr).
service, severe: that service which involves normal orheavy service with abnormal operating conditions.test, application breakaway force: a test that is carried outin accordance with instructions from the manufacturerof the lifting magnet in order to establish the applicationbreakaway force.
test, breakaway force: a test that is carried out per para.
20- in order to establish the rated breakaway force.
cold current: that current drawn by the lifting magnetwhen its coil is at 68°F (20°C) and at rated voltageduty cycle: an 8, 16, or 24 hr rating with

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