ASME ASP pdf download

ASME ASP pdf download

ASME ASP pdf download Safety Standard for Automotive Service and Maintenance Products
The scope of this Standard is the standardization ofsafety and performances requirements for automotiveservice and maintenance products including,but notlimited to
(a) shop presses
(b) oil filter crushers
(c) strut spring compressors
(d) oil and antifreeze handlers
(e) portable hydraulic power kits
This Standard may include requirements for safetyand health;design,production, construction, maintenance,performance,or operation of mechanicalhydraulic,or pneumatically powered equipment; andqualification of personnel. Safety and constructionrequirements for electrical equipment are included inUL 201.”Standard for Safety for Garage Equipment,and UL 2089,”Standard for Safety for Vehicle BatteryAdapters.”As deemed necessary by this Subcommitteeadditional equipment classified as PALD-related equip.ment can be added as the need arises to ensure the safeoperation of the equipment by the end user.
This Standard applies to the design, construction,marking,operation, maintenance, and owner or operator inspection of the listed automotive service and main.tenance equipment, used during automotive service andmaintenance of components,vehicles, or both. Operation and maintenance instructions in this Standard areintended for general application. The equipment manu-facturer or supplier shall be consulted for specific opera-tion and maintenance instructions.This Standard does not apply to lifting devices cov-ered under the ASME Standard for Portable AutomotiveLifting Devices(PALD).
This Standard is designed to(a) guard against and mitigate injury to workers, andotherwise provide for the protection of life, limb, andproperty by prescribing safety requirements
(b) provide direction to purchasers, owners, employers, supervisors, and others concerned with, or responsi-ble for, its application
(c) guide governmental and other regulatory bodiesin the development, promulgation, and enforcement ofappropriate safety directives
alferafion: any change to an automotive service andmaintenance product (ASMP) other than maintenancerepair, or replacement.
appointed: assigned specific responsibilities by theemployer or the employer’s representative.
approved: accepted as satisfactory by a duly constitutedadministrative or regulatory authority.
ASMP: any one of the various types of automotive service and maintenance products listed in the scope ofthis Standard.
authorized: approved by a duly constituted administrative or regulatory authority.
authorized persomnel: persons who have been instructedin the operation or maintenance or both of the ASMland designated by the owner to use or maintain theequipment.
controls, operating: the mechanisms that must be manipulated by the operator to govern the starting, stoppingdirection of motion, acceleration, speed, and retardationof the moving member(s) of the ASMP
cylinder: a means by which force is transmitted to anobject by hydraulic or air pressure. The word “ram” canbe used interchangeably for cylinder. Unless otherwisespecified, these two words are treated as synonyms.designated: selected or assigned by the employer or theemployer’s representative as being competent to perform specific duties.
electric powwer source: a device that utilizes electricity asthe force- or delivery-transmitting medium.

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