ASME ANDE-1 pdf download

ASME ANDE-1 pdf download

ASME ANDE-1 pdf download ASME Nondestructive Examination and Quality Control Central Qualification and Certification Program
1-1.1 SCOPE
(a) This Standard includes both performance-based and prescriptive requirements to be used for an ASME Nondestructive Examination and Quality Control Central Qualification and Certification Program that applies to NDE personnel and QC Inspection personnel.
(b) This Standard uses a SAT process that integrates with JTAs and established Body of Knowledge (BoK) requirements, to provide personnel experience requirements, written examinations, and practical demonstrations.
(c) This Standard is applied by a Third-Party Certification Organization, which is referred to within this Standard as a Certification Body (CB).
(d) The use of the terms Level I, Level II, or Level III in this Standard apply to a CB certified individual.
(e) Specific requirements for industry sectors are included in the Mandatory Appendices of this Standard such as the Nuclear Sector in Mandatory Appendix I.
1-1.2 APPLICABILITY This Standardisapplicable to anyIndustryorIndustry Sector that performs Industry Sector Activities such as Manufacturing, Fabrication, Construction, Installation, Maintenance, Preservice Inspection (PSI), and Inservice Inspection (ISI) that require NDE or QC Inspections to be performed by qualified and certified NDE and QC Inspection personnel.
1-1.3 USE OF THIS STANDARD This Standard is required to be used when referenced by a user’s Code, Standard, Specification, Procedure, or Instruction, which the user has committed to meet or is required to meet. Optional use of this Standard is not prohibited, but when this Standard is used, all requirements are mandatory, includingMandatoryAppendices, except where specific alternatives are provided in this Standard. Use of Nonmandatory Appendices is optional, but when they are chosen to be used, all the requirements within a Nonmandatory Appendix becomemandatoryunless the NonmandatoryAppendix is specified for guidance only. See Nonmandatory Appendix A for guidance on maintenance of the Standard.
1-1.4 REGULATORY, ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES OR AUTHORIZED INSPECTION AGENCY INVOLVEMENT When a referencing Code, Standard, Specification, Procedure, or Instruction requires the use of this Standard and has requirements that shall be met for the involvement of Regulatory, Enforcement Authorities or an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA), then those authorities or agencies shall be provided full access with the certified individual’s written approval, to any record of documentation, qualification, or certification activi- ties performed to meet this Standard.
1-1.5 APPLICATIONS, CERTIFICATION FORMS, JOB TASK ANALYSES, RELATED BODY OF KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS, AND QUALIFICATION/CONTINUITY CARDS When required or referenced in this Standard, Application and related Forms, the latest applicable Specific Industry Sector (SIS) Committee approved NDE or QC method and endorsement related JTAs, BoKs, Qualification/Continuity Cards, and their instructions for use shall be used.

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