ASME A112.19.2 pdf download

ASME A112.19.2 pdf download

ASME A112.19.2 pdf download Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures and Hydraulic Requirements for Water Closets and Urinals
1.1 Scope
This Standard establishes requirements and test meth-ods pertaining to materials, significant dimensions, andfunctional performance for vitreous china plumbing fixtures. The sanitary performance requirements and testprocedures apply to all types of water closets and urinalsthat discharge into gravity waste systems in permanentbuildings and structures, independent of occupancy. Fixtures referenced in this Standard include water closetslavatories, urinals, bidets, service sinks, drinking foun-tains, and institutional application fixtures.
1.2 Units of Measure
Where values are stated in U.S. customary units andthe International System of Units (SI), the US.customarunits shall be considered as the standard.In this Standard, gallons (U.S. liquid) per minute isabbreviated gpm, liters per flush is abbreviated Lpf,andgallons per flush is abbreviated gpf.
1.3 References
The following is a list of publications referenced inthis Standard. The latest edition of each standard shallbe applied.
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1.4 Definitions
Definitions applicable to vitreous china plumbing fixtures shall be as follows:
air gap: the unobstructed vertical distance through theopen atmosphere between the lowest opening from anypipe or fixture fitting supplying water to a tank orplumbing fixture and the flood level rim of the receptor.bidet: a personal hygiene fixture with hot and cold watersupply, intended for genital and perineal cleanliness.blister: a raised portion of the surface not greater thanin.(3 mm) in maximum dimension.
blister, large: a raised portion of the surface greater than in.(3 mm) in maximum dimension.

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