ASME A112.19.4 pdf download

ASME A112.19.4 pdf download

23.3 Kitchen Sink Drainboards. Drainboards (asshown in Tables A7 through A13) shall be fastenedto sink compartments, and shall be formed by stampingpressing, fabrication, or combination thereof. The drairarea of a drainboard sink shall be at least 6 in. (mm) below flood level at a location farthest from thebowl, and shall have a fall towards the bowl. Drainboards shall be smooth ribbed or grooved. All ribsor grooves shall run parallel with the slope of thedrainboard. Welded Kitchen Sink DrainboardsDrainboard sinks using welded construction shall befastened to sink compartments with continuous weldshaving visible surfaces of the weld ground smoothand free from cracks and pits. Corners of drainboardson cabinet sink tops shall be welded and ground smooth
2.4 Dimensions and Tolerances
Fixtures shall conformn to tile applicable dimensionsand tolerances given herein. Where not otherwise indi.cated, a tolerance of plus or minus 1% shall applyMaximum and minimum dimensions are not subject toa tolerance beyond the stated limits, except where givenas nominal dimensions.
3.1 Kitchen Sinks
Common types and sizes are:(a) flat-rim sink, single compartment (see Table Al):(b) flat-rim sink, double compartment (see Table A2)(c) ledge-back sink, single compartment (see Table A3)
(d) ledge-back sink, double compartment (see Table A4);
(e) ledge-back sink and tray combinations (see Table A5);
(f) ledge-back two-level sink, double compartment(see Table A6);
(g) ledge-back sink, single compartment with singldrainboard (see Table A7);
(h)ledge-back sink, double compartment with singledrainboard (see Table A8);
(i) ledge-back sink, single compartment with doubledrainboard (see Table A9):
(j) ledge-back sink, double compartment with double drainboard (see Table A10);
(k) cabinet sink top, single compartment with backand single drainboard (see Table A11)
(l) cabinet sink top, single compartment wjth backand double drainboard (see Table A12):
(m) cabinet sink top, double compartment with backand double drainboard (see Table Al3);
(n) dishwasher/accessible sink (see Tables A14 andA15); and
(o) shallow sinks, similar to ledge-back sinks, singlecompartment [see para. 3.1(c) and Table A3],exceptthat compartment depth is 3 in. (76 mm) minimum.
3.2 Bar Sinks
Common types and sizes are:
(a) ledge-back sink, single compartment (see TableA16); and
(b) ledge-back sink, double compartment (see Table A17).
3.3 Lavatories (See Fig. A1)
Common types of flat-rim lavatories are rectangularround, or oval; with or without back ledge; and withor without integral rims. Flanges shall be filat, rigidand suitable for effective installation of the fixtures(see para.4.2).
3.3.1 Lavatory Overflows When provided, lava-tory overflows shall have either a minimum cross-sectional area not less than 1’ in.2 (725 m?) at everypoint in the passageway or shall have a minimum flowcapacity (as specified in ASME A112.18.1 for lavatoryfaucets) when tested in accordance with para. location of the overflow shall be optional. Theoverflow point flood level of the slab shall be not morethan in. (13 mm) above the slab surface at thelowest point of the faucet bearings.

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