ASME N510 pdf download

ASME N510 pdf download

ASME N510 pdf download Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems
test boundary: the physical limit component, system, ordevice being subjected to a leakage test as defined inspecific procedures.
test canister: a specially designed sample holder con-taining sufficient adsorbent for specific laboratory teststhat can be removed from an adsorber bank, withoutdisturbing the remainder of the adsorber, to providerepresentative samples for laboratory testing. A fullsized Type Il adsorber tray may be removed and usedto obtain material for specific laboratory tests providedthat an in-place leak test is performed after replacementfesf program: a schedule that specifies tests and thesequence of tests to be made for the evaluation of a totaair- or gas-cleaning system.
This Standard delineates the requirements forin-service testing of nuclear air-cleaning systems.Acceptance testing is covered in ASMEAG-1. A list ofthe required in-service tests and the minimum performance frequency of these tests are shown in Table 1.
4.1 Test Procedure
Procedures shall be prepared for each required test,based upon the requirements of this Standard.
42 Personnel
Only persons who have demonstrated the competenceto satisfactorily perform the specific tests in question asevidenced by experience and training shall performtests. Personnel shall be certified in accordance withASME NOA-1 or ANS 31 and with the owner’s designspecifications and quality assurance program.
4.3Instrumentation: Permanent
Permanent instrumentation used in the performanceof tests specified in this Standard shall meet the accuracyrequirements specified in Table 2 and shall be calibratedin accordance with the owner’s design specificationsand quality assurance program
4.4 Instrumentation: Portable
Portable instrumentation used in the performance ofthe tests specified in this Standard shall meet the accuracy requirements specified in Table 2 and shall be calibrated in accordance with the owner’s designspecifications and quality assurance program.
5.1 Purpose
A visual inspection of the air treatment system, asspecified by the test program, shall be made in conjunction with each test series to identify visual deficienciesprior to commencing tests. In addition, this inspectionmay be used to verify that the system design and con-struction are in accordance with ASME N509
5.2 Summary of Method
Visual inspection shall be performed under a combination of background light plus supplementary lightthat provides adequate illumination of the surface to beinspected.
5.3 Prerequisites
Construction, modification, and/or repairs shall becompleted to the extent of supporting the test series.
5.4 Apparatus(Equipment)
Supplementary light providing adequate illuminationof the surface to be inspected is required.
5.5 Procedure
Visual inspections shall be conducted in accordancewith ASME N511 Whenever “unacceptable” is used, itis intended to mean any damage or condition that wouldimpair the ability of the item to perform its function.
5.6 Acceptance Criteria
Inspection results are acceptable when there are noindications of improper installation,physical damagestructural distress, or degradation that would impairthe ability of the system to perform its intended function.
5.7 Report
A written report shall be prepared in accordance withsection 14. Items identified as unacceptable should befurther documented in the comment section of the testreport to assist the owner in preparation of correctiveaction
61 Purpose
These tests are used to verify the leak tightness of thehousings and ducts.
62 Summary of Method
The ductwork or housing is pressurized to determineleak tightness. The leakage shall be determined usingeither the pressure decay or constant pressure method.

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