ASME N51 pdf download

ASME N51 pdf download

ASME N51 pdf download In-Service Testing of Nuclear Air-Treatment, Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems
3.3.2 System Operating Conditions. Operating con- ditions required for in-service testing shall be deter- mined for each system.
3.3.3 Procedure Requirements. The owner shall be responsible for the development and implementation of written test procedures that meet the requirements of this Standard. Each equipment test section consists of common (section 4) and in-service (section 5) test requirements and acceptance criteria that apply to each of the systems. The owner shall document which requirements are applicable (see Mandatory Appendices I through IV for development guidance).
3.3.4 In-Service Tests. In-service tests shall be conducted at intervals not to exceed those specified in sec- tion 5 or the owner’s test program, whichever is most limiting. In-service test intervals are maximum intervals allowed by this Standard and should not be used as default intervals in the absence of system-specific evaluations. Specific system test intervals should be deter- mined on the basis of system design use. In-service test intervals are defined in Table 2.
4 COMMON TESTS Tests as specified in paras.
4.1 through 4.3 shall also be used in section 5 where applicable.
4.1 Visual Inspection Visual inspections shall be conducted in accordance with ASME AG-1, Article AA-5000 and the applicable portions ofMandatory Appendix I. The in-service visual inspections listed in section 5 shall verify that no unac- ceptable damage or degradation, which could impair function, has occurred to the equipment or system.
4.2 Pressure Boundary Tests Pressure boundary tests consist of leak tests for ducts and housings, including fan and damper housings.
These leak tests shall be conducted using either the pres- sure decay or constant pressure method to verify that the leak rate for the duct or housing does not exceed the allowable limits established for the system. Testing shall be conducted in accordance with Mandatory Appendix II. Leak testing performed to satisfy ASME AG-1, Sections SA (ducts) and HA (housings) may be used to meet these test requirements when the test method is compatible with Mandatory Appendix II.
4.3 Vibration Test Vibration measurements shall be taken on the accessi- ble motor, fan, compressor, and pump bearing housings inatleasttwo differentorthogonalplanes approximately perpendicular to the line of the rotating shaft. When the bearing housing is not accessible, the frame of the component may be used if it will be representative of bearing housing vibration. When portable vibration instruments are used, reference points shall be clearly identified on the component being measured to permit duplication in both location and plane.
5.1 General In-service tests shall be conducted atthe required time intervals after the completion of the field acceptance tests outlined in ASME AG-1, Article TA-4000.
5.2 Fan Tests This section provides the in-service test requirements for fans and related accessories. Integrated system test- ing shall be conducted in accordance with para. 5.10.
5.2.1 Test Requirements. In-service tests listed in Table 3 shall be conducted at the specified interval and test results verified to be within the acceptance limits of the owner’s test program and section 6 and compared with the reference values obtained in acceptance tests in ASME AG-1, section TA-4100. 5.2.2 Visual Inspection. A visual inspection of the fan and associated components shall be conducted in accordance with para. 4.1 and Mandatory Appendix I (section I-2).

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