ASME B18.2.6 pdf download

ASME B18.2.6 pdf download

ASME B18.2.6 pdf download Fasteners for Use in Structural Applications
1.1 Scope
1.1.1 This Standard covers the complete general and dimensional data for five products in the inch series recognized asan American National Standard.These five structural products include(a) heavy hex structural bolts: ASTM F3125/F3125M(b)heavy hex nuts: ASTM A563 and ASTM A194/A194M(c) hardened steel washers – circular, circular clipped, and beveled: ASTM F436/F436M(d) compressible washer-type direct tension indicators: ASTM F959/F959M(e) twist-off-type structural bolts – heavy hex and round: ASTM F3125/F3125M
1.12 The inclusion of dimensional data in this Standard is not intended to implvy that all products described herein arestock production sizes. Consumers should consult with suppliers concerning lists of available stock production sizes.
1.2 DimensionsAll dimensions in this Standard are in inches, unless stated otherwise, and apply to an unplated or uncoated productWhen plating or coating is specified, the finished product dimensions shall be as agreed upon between supplier andpurchaser. Symbols specifying geometric characteristics are in accord with ASME Y14.5.
1.3 OptionsOptions, where specified, shall be at the discretion of the supplier, unless otherwise agreed upon by the purchaser with themanufacturer or distributor.
14 Terminology
For definitions of terms relating to fastener dimensional or component features used in this Standard, refer to ASMB
1.5 Referenced StandardsUnless otherwise specified, the referenced Standard shall be the most recent issue at the time of order placement. Thefollowing is a list of publications referenced in this Standard:
ASME B1.1,Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN and UNR Thread Form)ASME B1.2, Gages and Gaging for Unified Inch Screw ThreadsASME B1.3, Screw Thread Gaging Systems for Dimensional Acceptability — Inch and Metric Screw Threads (UN,UNR,UN)
M, and M)
ASME B18.2.1, Square, Hex, Heavy Hex, and Askew Head Bolts and Hex, Heavy Hex, Hex Flange, Lobed Head, and Lag
Screws (Inch Series)
ASME B18.2.2, Nuts for General Applications: Machine Screw Nuts,Hex, Square, Hex Flange, and Coupling Nuts (Inch
ASME B18.2.9, Straightness Gage and Gaging for Bolts and Screws
ASME B18.12, Glossary of Terms for Mechanical Fasteners
ASME B18.180uality Assurance for Fasteners
ASME B18.24, Part ldentifying Number (PIN) Code System Standard for B18 Fastener Products
ASME Y14.5, Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Two Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990
ASTM A194/A194M,Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, and Stainless Steel Nuts for Bolts for High Pressure or High Temperature
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