ASME A112.19.17 pdf download

ASME A112.19.17 pdf download

1.1 Scope
This Standard establishes general requirements,dimensions and tolerances,materials,installationinstructions,testing requirements, and markings andidentification for SvRs devices.svRs devices areintended to be utilized on pool, spa, hot tub, and/ortherapy unit suction systens.SvRs devices coveredunder this Standard are designed to prevent high vac-uum occurrences that cause human body or body partsuction entrapment.
Demonstration of compliance with this Standard ismerely an indication that the product meets the perform-ance requirements and specifications contained in thisStandard. The responsibility for verification of thedevice’s performance on any circulation system shall bethe responsibility of the design professional.
The provisions of this Standard are not intended toprevent the use of any alternative material or methodof construction, provided any such alternative meets theintent and requirements of this Standard.
1.2 Units of Measurement
Values are stated in U.S. customary units and in theInternational System of Units (SI).The U.S. customaryunits shall be considered as the standard.
In this Standard, gallons (U.S. liquid) per minute isabbreviated gpm and liters (metric liquid) per minuteis abbreviated L/min.
1.3 References
The following documents form a part of this Standardto the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise speci-fied, the latest edition shall apply.
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blocking element: the part used to simulate an entrappedvictim constructed of a 12 in. × 12 in. (305 mm x 305mm) maximum 5 in. (127 mm) thick closed cell foamblock whose buoyancy force does not exceed 15 lb(6.8 kg).
cycle: a sequence where the svRS latches or locks outin the vented or safe position following a high vacuumoccurrence and then is manually reset.
drain outlet: an appurtenance for conveying water outof a pool, spa, hot tub, therapy unit, or similar appliance.end connection: the point of attachment of the sVRSdevice to the suction system piping.
high vacuum occurrence: an event where the operatingvacuum normally present within a pool circulation sys-tem suddenly increases due to a suction outlet blockage.hydrostatic valve: a check valve found within a swimmingpool main drain sump which allows ground water toflow into the pool if the hydrostatic pressure below thesump becomes greater than the pressure inside the pool.readily affixed: to be easily retrofitted to existing systemswhere an entrapment hazard is possible using approvedpipe fittings and/or approved adapters.

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