ASME A112.18.9 pdf download

ASME A112.18.9 pdf download

ASME A112.18.9 pdf download Protectors/ Insulators for Exposed Waste and Supplies on Accessible Fixtures
1.1 Scope
This Standard shall show material and performancespecifications and use of protectors/insulators forexposed waste and supplies for public/commercialandprivate/residential buildings using product coveredunder this Standard.
This Standard is intended to also cover products thatwill satisfy the requirements of ICC/ANSI A117.1Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings andFacilities for Persons With Physical Disabilities, and toestablish a generally acceptable performance standardfor protectors/insulators for exposed waste and sup-plies, so a physically challenged person will be protectedwhen using a sink or lavatory in a public/commercialor private/residential facility.
1.2 Units of Measurements
Values are generally stated in U.S. Customary unitsand International System of Units (SI). US. Customaryunits shall be considered as the standard.
accessible fixtire: a plumbing fixture that complies withthe requirements of ICC/ANSI A1171, Standard forAccessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities forPersons With Physical Disabilities.
protectors/insulators: individual covers over waste andsupply pipes that isolate them to prevent injury fromcontact with hot, cold, or sharp surfaces.
supplies: the exposed water pipes to a fixture fitting consisting of stop valves and riser tubing under a sink orlavatory.
voids: any unprotected area of exposed waste and supplies that could contact the user.
waste: standard drains with tailpieces and P-traps, standard drains with tailpieces and bottle traps, or offsetdrains using 90-deg elbows, horizontallegs, vertical tail-pieces,and P-traps.
The following is a list of publications referenced inthis Standard.
ASTM G21,Standard Practice for DeterminingResistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to FungiPublisher: American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTMInternational),100 Barr Harbor DrivePO BoxC700,West Conshohocken,PA 19428-2959(
ICC/ANSI A117.1, Standard for Accessible and UsableBuildings and Facilities for Persons With PhysicalDisabilitiesPublisher: International Code Council (ICC),500 NewJersey Avenue,NW,Washington,DC 20001(
4.1 General Requirements
Trap protectors/insulators shall be designed to fit thespecified size of the trap. A single size trap protector,insulator shall be permitted to accommodate multiplesizes of traps: 1% in., as well as 1% in. or 2 in nominalField-applied protectors/insulators shall have enoughfasteners to securely fasten the protectors/insulatorsover the drain pipe assemblies, water supply risers, andstops. A fastener consisting of a single, continuous seamshall also be acceptable. Fasteners shallnot present sharpor abrasive external surfaces. Devices covered by thisStandard shall be removable, reusable, and after reassembly meet the requirements of this Standard.
4.2 Heat Transfer
Protectors/insulators for exposed waste and suppliesshall be engineered to comply with the heat transferrequirements contained in para. 5.1.
4.3 Workmanship
Exterior surfaces of protectors/insulators for exposedwaste and supplies exterior surface shall be smooth andwater resistant, having no sharp or abrasive features orprotrusions.

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