ASME Y14 pdf download

ASME Y14 pdf download

1.1 Scope
This Standard establishes requirements for pictorialrepresentation, specification,and dimensioning of screwthreads on drawings; it is not concerned with standardsfor dimensional control of screw threads. Informationhelpful in the design and selection of screw threadsto meet specific requirements is included in the B1series of the ASME Standards for Screw Threads (seepara. 1.3).
1.2 Application
Straight Unified inch (UN/UNR/UNJ form) and met-ric (M/MJform) screw threads are cmphasized in thisStandard in consideration of their wide use and generalpurpose applications.Thc same drafting practices applyto straight and taper threads,Acme,Stub Acme,But-tress,thread insert,and interference fit threads exceptfor differences noted.
1.3 Applicable Documents
The following documents form a part of this Standardto the extent specified herein. The latest edition shallapply.
AS 71051,Pipe Threads,Taper,Aeronautical NationalForm, Symbol ANPT,Design and Inspection StandardPublisher: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE),400Commonwealth Drive,Warrendale,PA 15096-0001ASME B1.1,Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN andUNRThrcad Form)
ASMEB1.3M,Screw Thread Gaging Systems forDimensional Acceptability-Inch and Metric ScrewThreads (UN,UNR,M,and MJ)
ASME B1.5,Acme Screw Threads
ASME B1.7M,Nomenclature,Definitions,and LetterSymbols for Screw Threads
ASME B1.8,Stub Acme Screw ThreadsASME B1.9,Buttress Inch Screw Threads
ASME B1.10M,Unified Miniature Screw ThreadsASME B1.11,Microscope Objective Thread
ASME B1.12,Class 5 Interference-FitThread
ASME B1.13M,Metric Screw Threads — M ProfileASME B1.15,Unified Inch Screw Threads (UNJ ThreadForm)
ASME B1.20.1,Pipe Threads,General Purpose (Inch)ASME B1.20.3,Dryseal Pipe Threads (Inch)
ASME B1.20.7,Hose Coupling Screw Threads (Inch)ASME B1.21M,Metric Screw Threads: MJ ProfileASME B18.29.1,Hclical Coil Screw Thread Inserts(Inch Serics)
ASME B18.29.2M,Hclical Coil Screw Thread Inseris(Metric Series)
ASME Y14.5M,Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical Engi-ncers (ASME International), Three Park Avenue, NewYork, NY 10016-5990;ASME Order Department: 22Law Drive,Box 2300,Fairficld,NJ 07007-2300CGA V-1,Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet andInlet Connections
Publisher: Compressed Gas Association (CGA),4221Walney Road,Chantilly,vA 20151-2923
FED-STD-H28,Screw-Thread Standards for FederalServices
FED-STD-H28/2,Unified Inch Screw Threads — UNand UNR Thread Forms
FED-STD-H28/5,Unified Miniature Screw ThreadsFED-STD-H28/,Pipc Thrcads,General PurposeFED-STD-H28/8,Dryseal Pipe Threads
FED-STD-H28/9,Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and InletThreads
FED-STD-H28/10,Hosc Coupling and Fire Hose Cou-
pling Screw Threads
FED-STD-H28/12,Acme Threads
FED-STD-H28/13,Stub Acme Threads
FED-STD-H28/14,Buttress Screw Threads — 7/45°Flank Angles
FED-STD-H28/16,Microscope Objective and Nose-piece Threads,0.8000-36AMO

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