ASME II A351 pdf download

ASME II A351 pdf download

4.1.1 A description of the casting by pattern number or drawing (dimensional tolerances shall be included on the casting drawing).
4.1.2 Grade of steel,
4.1.3 Options in the specification, and
4.1.4 Supplementary requirements desired, including the standards of acceptance.
5. Process
5.1 The steel shall be made by the electric furnace process with or without separate refining such as argon- oxygen decarburization (AOD).
6. Heat Treatment
6.1 All castings shall receive a heat treatment at the temperature specified in Table 1, followed by a quench in water or rapid cool by other means except as noted.
NOTE 2 — Proper heat treatment of these alloys is usually necessary to enhance corrosion resistance and in some cases to meet mechanical properties. Minimum heat-treat temperatures are specified; however, it is sometimes necessary to heat-treat at higher temperatures, hold for some minimum time at temperature and then rapidly cool the castings in order to enhance the corrosion resistance and meet mechanical properties.
7. Chemical Composition
7.1 The steel shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition prescribed in Table 2.
8. Tensile Properties
8.1 Steel used for the castings shall conform to the requirements as to tensile properties prescribed in Table 3.
9. Quality
9.1 The surface of the casting shall be examined visu- ally and shall be free of adhering sand, scale, cracks, and 576 hot tears. Othersurface discontinuities shall meet the visual acceptance standards specified in the order. Visual Method SP 55 or other visual standards may be used to define acceptable surface discontinuities and finish. Unacceptable visual surface discontinuities shall be removed and their removal verified by visual examination of the resultant cavities.
9.2 When additional inspection is desired, Supplemen- tary Requirements S5, S6, and S10 may be ordered.
9.3 The castings shall not be peened, plugged, or impregnated to stop leaks. 10. Repair by Welding 10.1 Repairs shall be made using procedures and weld- ers qualified under Practice A 488/A 488M. 10.2 Weld repairs shall be inspected to the same quality standards that are used to inspect the castings. When cast- ings are produced with Supplementary Requirement S5 specified, weld repairs on castings that have leaked on hydrostatic test, or on castings in which the depth of any cavity prepared for repair welding exceeds 20% ofthe wall thickness or 1 in. [25 mm], whichever is smaller, or on castings in which any cavity preparedforwelding is greater than approximately 10 in. 2 [65 cm 2 ], shall be radiographed to the same standards that are used to inspect the castings.
When castings are produced with Supplementary Require- ment S6 specified, weld repairs shall be inspected by liquid penetrant examination to the same standards that are used to inspect the castings.
NOTE 3 — When austenitic steel castings are to be used in services where they will be subject to stress corrosion, the purchaser should so indicate in his order and such castings should be solution-heat treated following all weld repairs.
11. Keywords
11.1 austenitic stainless steel; duplex stainless steel; pressure containing parts; stainless steel; steel castings

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