ASME BPVC-V pdf download

ASME BPVC-V pdf download

Interpretations of the Code have historically been posted in January and July at tions.cfm. Interpretations issued during the previous two calendar years are included with the publication ofthe applic- able Section ofthe Code in the 2015 Edition. Interpretations ofSection III, Divisions 1 and 2 and Section III Appendices are included with Subsection NCA.
Following the 2015 Edition, interpretations will not be included in editions; they will be issued in real time in ASME’s Interpretations Database at Historical BPVC interpretations may also be found in the Database.
The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code committees meet regularly to consider proposed additions and revisions to the Code and to formulate Cases to clarify the intent ofexisting requirements or provide, when the need is urgent, rules for materials or constructions not covered by existing Code rules. Those Cases that have been adopted will appear in the appropriate 2015 Code Cases book: “Boilers and Pressure Vessels” or “Nuclear Components.” Supplements will be sent or made available automatically to the purchasers of the Code Cases books up to the publication of the 2017 Code.

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