ASME BPVC 2192-3 pdf download

ASME BPVC 2192-3 pdf download

ASME BPVC 2192-3 pdf download Case 2192-3 Modified 9Cr-1Mo-V Cast Material Section I
Inquiry: May normalized and tempered modified 9Cr-1Mo-v castings, and with the chemical analysis shownin Table 1,the mechanical properties shown in Table2 , and otherwise conforming to applicable requirementsin the following specifications,be used for Section Iconstruction?
(a) Castings,SA-217(b) Pipe,SA-426
Reply: It is the opinion of the Committee that modified9Cr-1Mo-V castings having the chemical requirementsshown in Table 1 and room temperature mechanicalproperty requirements shown in Table 2, may be usedin Section I construction provided the following require-ments are met.
(a) The material shall meet the chemical analysisand minimum tensile requirements described in theInquiry,and shall otherwise meet the requirements ofSA-217 or SA-426 as applicable.
(b) The material shall be normalized within the rangeof 1,900-2,000°F, and tempered at 1,350°F, minimum.
(c) The maximum allowable stress values for thematerial shall be those given in Table 3.
(d)Separate welding procedures and performancequalifications shall be required for this material. Thewelding procedure qualification and performance quali-fication shall be conducted as prescribed in Section IX.
(e)The material shall be considered P-No.5B,Group No. 2 for the purposes of postweld heat treatment.
The requirements for postweld heat treatment shall satisfy the rules in PW-39.
(f) A manufacturer’s test report meeting certification requirements of SA-703 shall be provided.
(g) This Case number shall be shown in the material certification and marking of the material.
(h) This Case number shall be shown on the Manufac- turer’s Data Report.

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