ASME B56.6 pdf download

ASME B56.6 pdf download

This Standard defines the safety requirements relatingto the elements of design,operation, and maintenanceof rough terrain forklift trucks. These trucks are intendedfor operation on unimproved natural terrain as well asthe disturbed terrain of construction sites.
Arough terrain forklift trck is defined as a wheeled.type truck designed primarily as a fork truck with avertical mast andor a pivoted boom,variable reach orof fixed length, which may be equipped with attach-ments. This truck is intended for operation on unim-proved natural terrain as well as the disturbed tenrainof construction sites.This definition excludes machinesdesigned primarily for earth moving,such as loadersand dozers, even though their buckets and blades arereplaced with forks,and machines designed primnarilyas over-the-road trucks equipped with lifting devices.
The purpose of this Standard is to promote safetythrough the design,construction,application, operation,and maintenance of rough terain forklifttrucks.ThisStandard may be used as a guide by governmentalauthorities desiring to formulate safety rules and regula-tions.This Standard is also intended for voluntary useby others associated with manufacture or utilizing roughtcrrain forklift trucks.
4.1 Mandatory and Advisory Rules
To carry out the provisions of this Standard, allitems in Parts ll and Il are mandatory except thoseincluding the word should, which are recommendations.
4.2Classification of Approved Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks
The word approved mcans the classification or listingof rough terrain forklift trucks as to fire. explosion.andor electric shock hazard by a nationally recognizedtesting laboratory,i.e.. a laboratory qualified andequipped to conduct examinations and tests such asthose prescribed by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc.
4.3 Terminology
For terminology not included in Nonmandatory Ap-pendix A, refer to ANSI Z94.0.
4.4 Requests for Interpretation
The B56 Committee will render an interpretation ofany requirement of this Standard. Interpretations willbe rendered only in response to a written requestsent to the Secretary of the B56 Committee.ASMEInternational,Three Park Avenue,New York,NY10016-5990.The request for interpretation shall be inthe following format.
Subject: Cite the applicable paragraph number(s) and
provide a concise description.
Edition: Cite the applicable edition of the pertinent
standard for which the interpretation is beingrequested.
Question: Phrase the question as a request for an
intorprotation of a apooifio roquiremont ouit-able for general understanding and use,notas a request for approval of a proprietarydesign or situation.The inquirer may alsoinclude any plans or drawings that are neces-sary to explain the question;however, theyshould not contain proprictary names orinformation.

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