ASME B31.9 pdf download

ASME B31.9 pdf download

ASME B31.9 pdf download Building Services Piping
9002 Definitionsadhesive bond: a union of materials by means of anadhesive.
anchor: a structural attachment device or mechanism thalprevents the movement of pipe due to thermal expansion, expansion joint thrust, and other loads.
arc welding: a group of welding processes that producecoalescence of metals by heating them with an arc, withor without the use of filler metal.
assembly: the joining together of two or more pipingcomponents.
automatic welding: welding with equipment that performs the welding operation without constant observation and adjustment of controls by a welding operatorThe equipment may or may not perform the loadingand unloading of the work.
backing: material placed at the root of a weld joint tosupport molten weld metal.
backing ring: backing in the form of a ring.
ball or stuivel joint: a joint that permits pipe motion bymeans of rotation.
base metal (material): the metal (material) to be weldedbrazed, soldered, or cut.
boiler external piping (BEP): See para. 900.1.2(b).
branch connection: the attachment of the end of a branchpipe to the run of a main pipe, with or without the useof a fitting.Figure 927.4.6 shows typical branch connections which do not use fittings.
braze velding: ajoining process that produces coalescenceof metals by using a filler metal whose liquidus is above800°F(427°C) and below the solidus of the base metalsUnlike brazing, the filler metal is nof distributed in thejoint by capillary attraction.
brazing: a joining process that produces coalescence olmetals by heating to a suitable temperature and by usinga filler metal whose liquidus is above 800F(427°C) andbelow the solidus of the base metals. The filler metal isdistributed by capillary attraction between closely fittedjoint surfaces.
brine: a liquid used for the transmission of heat withoutchange of state in cooling systems, which is nonflammable or has a flash point above 150°F(66C) as determinedby the method of ASTM D 93.
brittle failure: a pipe failure mode that exhibits no material deformation visible to the naked eye, i.e, stretchingelongation, or necking down, in the area of the break.

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