ASME B30.14 pdf download

ASME B30.14 pdf download

ASME B30.14 pdf download Side Boom Tractors
SECTION 14-0.1: SCOPE OF B30.14
Volume B30.14 includes provisions that apply to theconstruction, installation, operation, inspection, testingand maintenance of side boom tractors powered by aninternal combustion engine used for pipe laying or lifting operations, utilizing a lifting boom, drum, wire ropeand/or hydraulic cylinders.
The requirements for a side boom tractor that is usedfor other than lifting operations such as when convertedfor excavating work, and a side boom tractor with arated load of one ton or less, are not included in thisVolume.
accessory: a secondary part or assembly of parts thatcontributes to the effectiveness of a machine.
administrative or regulatory authority: governmentalagency or the employer in the absence of governmentaljurisdiction.
appointed:assigned specific responsibilities by theemployer or the employer’s representative.
approved: accepted as satisfactory by a duly constitutedadministrative or regulatory authority.
authorized: approved by a duly constituted administra-tive or regulatory authority.axle: the shaft or spindle with which or about which awheel rotates.On side boom tractors and wheel-typetractors it refers to an assembly that includes the shafthousing,and gearing from the shaft to the wheelsprocket, or equivalent device.
boom: a member hinged to the side of the tractor withthe outer end supported by a rope system or hydrauliccylinder(s).
boom hoisf: a hoist drum and rope reeving system usedto raise and lower the boom. The rope system may beall live reeving or a combination of live reeving andpendants. The boom mav also be raised and lowered bya hydraulic cylinder(s).
boom stop: an automatic device used to limit the angleof the boom at the highest position.
brake: a device used for retarding or stopping motionby friction or power means.
clutch: a friction, electromagnetic, hydraulic, pneumaticor positive mechanical device for engagement or disengagement of power.
counterweight: weight used to supplement the weight ofthe machine in providing stability for lifting loads.designated person: a person selected or assigned by theemployer or the emplover’s representative as being competent to perform specific duties.
drum: the cylindrical members around which ropes arewwound.
dynamic loading: loads introduced into the machine orits components by forces in motion.
load: the external load, in pounds (kilograms) appliedto the side boom tractor, including the weight of loadattaching equipment such as load blocks, shackles, andslings.
load, rated: side boom tractor ratings in pounds (kilograms) established by the manufacturer in accordancewith para.14-1.1.
load block, lower: the assembly of hook or shackle, swivel.sheaves, pins, and frame suspended by the hoistingropes.
load block, upper: the assembly of hook or shackle, swivelsheaves, pins,and frame suspended from the boompoint.
load capacity, maximum: the capacity for which the tractoris designed (Refer to SAE I743.)
load hoist: a hoist drum and rope reeving system usedfor lifting and lowering loads.
load overhang,track-type fractor: the horizontal distancefrom the center of the load hook to the outer edge ofthe outer track rail on the boom side (Refer to SAE ]743.).load overhang,wheel-fype fractor: the horizontal distancefrom the center of the load hook measured perpendicular

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