ASME B20.1 pdf download

ASME B20.1 pdf download

ASME B20.1 pdf download Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment
This Standard applies to the design, construction,installation, maintenance, inspection, and operation ofconveyors and conveying systems in relation to hazards.The conveyors may be of the bulk material, package, orunit-handling types, where the installation is designedfor permanent, temporary, or portable operation.This Standard shall apply, with the exceptions notedbelow, to all conveyor installations.This Standard specifically excludes any conveyordesigned, installed, or used primarily for the movementof people. This Standard does, however, apply to certainconveying devices that incorporate within their support-ing structure workstations or operator’s stations specifi-cally designed for authorized operating personnel.This Standard does not apply to conveyors such asunderground mine conveyors for which specific stan-dards are already in effect or to equipment such as indus-trial trucks, tractors, trailers, automatic guided vehiclestiering machines (except pallet load tierers), cranes,hoists, power shovels, power scoops, bucket drag linestrenchers, platform elevators designed to carry passengers or an operator, manlifts, moving walks, movingstairways (escalators), highway or railroad vehiclescableways,tramways,dumbwaiters,pneumatic con-veyors, robots, or integral machine transfer devices.Some of the foregoing have specific standards.
The provisions of this Standard shall apply to equipment installed 1 year after the date of issuance.
Certain other codes and standards have been cited asreferences in this Standard. Reference to them does notconstitute inclusion of the complete text of such codesor standards as a part of this Standard.
This Safety Standard for conveyors is supplementaryto any law or code covering fire or health regulations
The intent of this Standard is to provide for safe opera-tion and maintenance of conveying equipment.
Suggestions for improvement of this Standard maybe submitted to the Secretary of the B20 CommitteeASME,Three Park Avenue, New York,NY 10016-5990Proposals should be written in accordance with thefollowing format:
(a) Specify page and paragraph designation of thepertinent Standard.
(b) Indicate suggested change (addition, deletion,revision,etc.).
(c) Briefly state reason and/or evidence for suggested
change.(d) Separately submit suggested changes if more thanone paragraph is affected.The B20 Committee will consider each suggestedchange at its first meeting after receipt of the suggestedchange(s).
The B20 Committee will render an interpretation ofany requirement of the Standard. Interpretations will berendered only in response to a written request sent tothe Secretary of the B20 Committee, ASME, Three ParkAvenue,New York,NY 10016-5990.
The request for interpretation shall be in the followingformat:

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