ASME B18.8.2 pdf download

ASME B18.8.2 pdf download

1.1 Scope
1.1.1 This Standard is intended to cover the com- plete dimensional and general data for taper pins, dowel pins, straight pins, grooved pins, and spring pins recognized as “American National Standard,” which are widely used in general industrial applications. Also included are appendices providing supplementary information for the drilling of holes for taper pins and the testing of pins in double shear.
1.1.2 The inclusion of dimensional data in this Standard is not intended to imply that all of the products described are stock production sizes. Consumers are requested to consult with manufacturers concerning availability of product.
1.2 Types of Pins The types of pins covered by this Standard are described in subparagraphs
1.2.1 through Taper Pins. Taper pins shall have a uniform taper over the pin length with both ends crowned. Most sizes are supplied in both commercial and precision classes, the latter having generally tighter tolerances and being more closely controlled in manufacture. Dimensions for both classes are given in Table 1.
1.2.2 Dowel Pins. The following three varieties of dowel pins, each serving specific needs, are covered. Hardened Ground Machine Dowel Pins. This variety of hardened dowel pins shall have ground cylindrical sides with one end pointed slightly to enter mating drive-fit holes and the other end rounded or crowned for driving purposes. They are available in standard and oversize diameter series to satisfy initial and replacement requirements, respectively. These dowel pins are intended for applications where precise locating of mating parts is essential, such as, for doweling hard- ened tool and machine components or to serve as stops, guides, and load bearing pins, etc., where strength, shock, or wear factors necessitate a hardened pin. Dimensions for both series are given in Table 2. Hardened Ground Production Dowel Pins. This variety of hardened dowel pin shall have ground cylindrical sides with both ends rounded suffi- ciently to enable the pin to be pressed into drive- fit holes. These dowel pins are used extensively for applications such as those cited for hardened ground machine dowel pins, in volume production situations, entailing automated installation equipment. Dimensions are given in Table 3. Unhardened Ground Dowel Pins. This variety of dowel pin shall have ground cylindrical sides with both ends chamfered. These pins are intended for applications similar to those cited for the other varieties of dowel pins where strength, shock, and wear factors do not warrant use of hardened pins, such as, prealigning component parts to be assembled with threaded fasteners, stops, guides, or pivots subject to little wear, and as low-shear load-bearing pins. Dimen- sions are given in Table 4.

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