ASME B18.31.3 pdf download

ASME B18.31.3 pdf download

ASME B18.31.3 pdf download Threaded Rods (Inch Series)
2.4 Ends
The ends shall be of sufficient workmanship to allowfor easy assembly with an appropriate mating nut.
2.5 Straightness
When required, straightness limits and the inspectiontechnique to be used to evaluate straightness shall beagreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier.
2.6 Materials and Mechanical Requirements
There are four primary designations for threaded rodmaterials.Other materials may be specified by thepurchaser.
2.6.1 Steel Unless otherwise specified, Steel shalldesignate low carbon steel meeting the minimumrequirements of ASTM A 307, Grade A.
2.62 A36Materials shall meet the requirements ofASTM F 1554,Grade 36.
2.6.3 B7.B7 shall designate the material andmechanical properties of ASTM A 193/A 193MGrade B7.
2.6.4 CRES.Unless otherwise specified,CRES shalldesignate corrosion resistant steel of either 18-8 (302303, or 304) or 316 as designated by the purchaser. Rodsdesignated as 18-8 shall meet the tensile and yieldstrength requirements of Alloy Group 1, condition CWper ASTM F 593. Rods designated as 316 shall meet thetensile and yield strength requirements of Alloy Group 2condition CW per ASTM F 593
2.6.5 Nonferrous MaterialsNonferrous materialsshall conform to ASTM F 468
2.7 Finishes
The purchaser shall designate the required finishUnless otherwise specified, plain finish steel rods shallbe coated with a light oil to protect it from corrosionduring transportation and storage.
2.8 Workmanship
Threaded rods shall be visually, without magnification, free from burrs, seams, laps, loose scales, irregularsurfaces, and any defects affecting their serviceabilityWhen control of surface discontinuities is required, thepurchaser shall specify conformance to ASTM F 788/F 788M.
2.9 Designation
2.9.1Threaded rods shall be designated by datain the following sequential order:
(a) product name
(b) designation of standard
(c) nominal size (fractional or decimal equivalent) andthreads per inch
(d) thread class, if other than specified in para. 2.2and LH for left-hand thread, if applicable
(e) product length (specified in feet and inches)(f) material, including specification where necessary(g) finish (material, standard, and thickness whenapplicable)
2.9.2See the following examples:(a) threaded rod per ASME B18.31.3,-13 x 10, lowcarbon steel, Fe/Zn 3A per ASTM F 1941
(b) threaded rod per ASME B18.31.3,7-18 x 6ASTM A 193,Grade B7,plain finish
(c) threaded rod per ASME B18.31.3,-16 x 6, CRES18-8 SS
2.10 Grade Symbol and Manufacturer’s Marking
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, threadedrods shall be exempt from the marking requirementsof the associated material specification. Packaging andlabel requirements as mandated in applicable materialspecifications are not exempt.

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