ASME B18.18.6M pdf download

ASME B18.18.6M pdf download

ASME B18.18.6M pdf download Qalty Asuranre Plan for Fasteners Produced in a ThirdParty Acreditation System
3.1 Scope
For the purpose of this Standard, third party registra-tion is the successful conclusion of a structured auditingand approval board process that has verified complianceof an audited quality system to a specified qualitysystem standard. Such compliance is determined by thedocumented auditing of the defned system and itsscope of activities (in its various documented andimplemented forms) by an agency (registrar) that hasthe authority,conferred by an accreditation processitself, to audit and grant registration status. Registrarsare recognized by the American National StandardsInstitute and/or the American Society for QualityControl.
3.2 Lot Controls
3.2,1 Raw material shall be supplied to the manufac-turer traceable to a mill heat of material.
3.2.2 Subcontracted processes including plating andheat treating shall be controlled to avoid product lotcontamination.
3.2.3 Finished lots shall be traceable to raw materialsupplier and subcontracted processes.
3.3 Inspection and Records
3.3.1 Inspection Plan and Inspection Points.Thc manufacturer shall have a document to indicatethose points within the manufacturing process wherefastener sampling and inspecction is carricd out, Inprocess control plans relating frequency of inspectioncorrective action for nonconforming characteristics, andsample sizes shall be documented prior to productionThe in-process control plan shall include thosc characteristics specified by the quality system standard, charactercticgspecifically indicated by the product standard, orthose characteristics normally accepted as appropriatefor evaluating product functionability.This plan shallmade available to the customer on his requestbe.
3.4 Inspected Features and Frequency ofInspection
Unless indicated otherwise in the customer’s fastenerstandard; the features to be verified and the frequencyof inspection is controlled by the supplier’s approvedmanufacturing plan,
3.5 Records of Inspection/Compliance
Records shall be maintained in such a manner topreserve original data, and be collated as required intoa final form, sufficient to satisfy customer and legalrequirements. Such reports shall be provided uponrequest. Appropriate records shall be retained for thetime period specified by the customer or S years,whichever is longer. Evidence of these records and avalid third party certificate shali be deemed complianceto this Standard.
3.6 Methode of Vorification
Actual inspection data, obtained in-process, shall beprovided for examination and used to produce a reportwhen required,Data used for verification purposesshall be examined to ensure that it complies with therequiremcnts of the quality system standards and thatit contains the necessary traceability identiflers to corre-late it to a given lot of shipped material.

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