ASME B16.10 pdf download

ASME B16.10 pdf download

2.4 Buttwelding End Valve Dimensions (Alsosee Section 4)
For buttwelding end valves, the end-to-end dimensionis the distance between the extreme ends (root faces)of the welding bevels (see Fig. 2).
2.5 Grooved End Valve Dimensions
The end-to-end dimension for grooved end valvesis the distance between extreme ends.
2.6 Angle Valves
For flanged angle type valves (those in which theends ar at an angle of 90 deg to each other), the center-to-face dimension is the distance from the centerline otthe port to the extreme end which is the gasket contactsurface. For flanged angle type valves in which thegasket seating surface is not located at the extremeend and for angle type valves having buttwelding ends.the phrase center-to-end denotes the distance from thecenterline of the port to the extreme end.
Figure 1 shows facings for flanged ends.
3.1 Facings Normally Furnished
3.1.1 Flat Face. Flanges for Classes 25 and 125cast iron valves are flat faced.
3.1.2 2 mm (0.06 in.) Raised Face. Flanges forClass 250 cast iron and for Classes 150 and 300 steel,alloy, and ductile iron valves have 2 mm (0.06 in.)raised faces. which are included in the face-to-face (orcenter-to-face) dimension. When Classes 150 and 300valves are required with filat faces, either the fullthickness of flange or the thickness with the 2 mm(0.06 in.) raised face removed may be furnished, unlessotherwise specified by the customer. Users are remindedthat removing the 2 mm (0.06 in.) raised face willmake the face-to-face dimension nonstandard.
3.1.3 7 mm (0.25 in.) Raised Face. Flanges forClass 600 and higher steel and alloy valves have 7mm (0.25 in.) raised faces, which are included in theface-to-face (or center-to-face) dimensions.
3.2 Other Standard Facings
Table 9 (A9) summarizes data on all fange facingsand can be used with Tables 1 to 6 (A1 to A6) incalculating face-to-face and end-to-end dimensions of flanged valves having standard facings other than thosedescribed in para. 3.1.
3.3 Ring Joint Facings
The X dimension given in Table 10 (A10), whenadded to the face-to-face dimension of a valve havingraised face flanges in Tables 1 to 6 (A1 to A6)establishes the end-to-end dimension for the valvehaving flanges with ring joint facings.
4.1 Buttwelding End Valves (Also see Para.2.4)
Tables 1 to 6 (A1 to A6) include end-to-end dimen-sions for valves having buttwelding ends. In manycases, the dimensions are different from those of faceto-face dimensions of flanged valves, as evidenced bythe differences between dimensions A and B of thetables.
4.1.1 Short Pattern. For pressure seal or flangelessbonnet valves having buttwelding ends in Class 600and higher, the regular end-to-end dimensions shall beequal to the short pattern dimensions shown in Tables3 to 6 (A3 to A6). At the manufacturer’s option, theend-to-end dimensions of these valves may be the sameas the face-to-face dimensions of raised face flangedvalves.
4.1.2 Long Pattern. For flanged bonnet valveshaving buttwelding ends in Class 600 and higher, theregular end-to-end dimensions shall be equal to the

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