ASME B107.37 pdf download

ASME B107.37 pdf download

(5)A stripping length stop may be provided so thatthe ends of the wires may be repeatedly stripped to apredetermined length This stop shall be adjustable sothat any desired stripping length from 0.25 in. through1.0 in. may be selected and easily set. This stop shall beconstructed or designed so that no position in its rangewill obstruct the operator’s view of the grooves andmarkings on the stipping blades as they close on thewire
5,3.2 Type il, Wire Cutters/Strippers, Flat jaws andHandles. Type D pliers shall be fabricated by joining twohalves using flat, onepiece, jaw /handle construction.The joint shall serve as a pivot point, holding both halvesof the strippers together. These strippers shall stripgeneral-purpose solid and/or stranded copper wire. Thewire to be stripped shall be placed in the applicablegroove size, the pliers closed against a positive stop(Class 4 excluded), and the insulation slug pulled offthe conductor. Type II strippers shall consist essentiallyof jaws and handles with comfort grips and be similarto Figs. 3 through 6.
Class 1, 2, and 3 stripping edges shall provide varioussizes of grooves suitable for stripping the type and rangeof wire sizes specified in Table 3. A groove size shall beprovided for applicable wine gage sizes. Each grooveshall be accurate for the size marked. Pliers shall alsoprovide a straight, smooth cutting or shearing surfacethat shall be at least 0.30 in long. A hole approximately0.13 in. in diamneter and suitably located for loop bendingof stripped conductors may be provided.Class 4 stripping edges are forward of the pivot andshall have an adjustable groove suitable for stripping the type and range of wire sizes specified in Table 3Pliers shall also provide a straight, smooth cutting orshearing surface that shall be at least 0.30 in long. Ahole approximately 0.13 in. in diameter and suitablylocated for loop bending of stripped conductors may beprovided.
5.4 Handtes
5.4.1 Characteristics. Handles shall be shaped to provide a confortable grip, and shall be free from roughedges and sharp corners. Outer hand-gripping surfacesshall be smooth, knurled, impressed, or furnished withcomfort grips.
5.4.2 Strength. There shall be no evidence of cracksor breakage during the load test specified in para. 6.3.
5.4.3 Comfont Grips. When comfort grips are fur-rished on handles, they shall be made of rubber, plastic,or other suitable material capable of withstanding nor-mal use without deteriorating or rubbing off and shallpass the solvent resistance test specified in para. 6.4.Comfort grips shall remain permanently attached undernormal ise.
WARNING: Comfort grips on handles are not intended bo giveany degree of protectian againat electric shock and shall nat beused on or near live electric dircuits.
5.5 Joint
5.5.1 Constructlon. There shall be no excessive sideways movement, play, or other indication of loosenessthat will affect pliers’ function when they are opened orclosed. Pliers shall pass the joint integrity test specified inpara,6.5.
5.5.2 Fastener Hardness The fastener hardmess shalibe from 25 to 55 HRC, except that when the fastenerreceives a case-hardening treatment a maximum hardness eqwivalent to 60 HRC shall be permitted.

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