ASME B107.18 pdf download

ASME B107.18 pdf download

ASME B107.18 pdf download PLIERS: WIRE TWISTER
Wire twister pliers shall incorporate a device, whichwhen actuated, will cause the pliers to rotate about itslongitudinal axis. The halves of the pliers shall be permanently joined with a through fastener that shall act asthe pivot or fulcrum point of the pliers. A locking device.when engaged, shall hold the handles in a closed posi.tion in such a marner as to cause the jaws to firmly andsecurely grip and hold strands of lock wire.A wire clearance opening shall be provided betweenthe two jaws and located between the gripping andcutting areas of the jaws. This opening shall be of a sizeand design which will perrrit the user to swiftly andeasily deflect double strands of wire out of the sides ofthe jaws and away from the cutting edges when per-forming continuous (multiple) lock wiring operatians.The nose design shall be as shown in Figs. 1 through 4and blend with the radius of the sides of the pliers inaccordance with good comumercial practice. The maximum permissible opening at the top of the jaws, whenclosed, shall be as shown in Figs, 1 and 2
5.2 Material
The materials used in the marufacture of the pliersshall be such as to produce pliers conforming to therequirements specifed herein.
5.3 Finish
Surfaces shall have a rust preventive treatmnent andbe essentially free from pits, nodules, burrs, cracks, andother conditions that would adversely affect the performance or safety of the tool. When provided, coatingsshall be adherent, smooth, continuous, and free fromany conditions that would interfere with their protectivevalue, safety,and function.
Pliers shall be marked in a plain and permanent marner with the manufactwrer ‘s narne or with a trademarkof such own character that the source of manufactureand country of origin shall be readily determined. shall be as permanent as the normal life expectancof the pliers to which it is appljed (prowiding the markedsurface has not been subjected to a fretting or abradlingaction]and be capable of withstanding the ceaning procedunes rormally experienced during its intended use
5.5 Handles
Handles shall have a hardness of 36 HRC to 50 HRCshall be shaped to provide a comfortable handgrip, andshall be free from rough edges and sharp corruers.
5.6 jaws
5.6,1 Hardnes5laws shall have a hardness of36HRCto 50 HRC. The gripping portion of te jaws and wirecutter shall be heat treated to a hardmess of 56 HRC to64 HRC. Jaw surfaces and edges shall not damage thewire being twisted.
5.6,2 Cushlon Grip Throat. Cushion grip throat, whenprovided,shall grip and retain cut wire end. The cushiongrip throat shal be nonmetallic and capable of with.standing notrral use without deteriorating or rubbingoff and shall pasg the solvent resistance test in para. 6.4Cushion grip throat shall remain permanemtly attachedunder norrmal use
5.7 Joint FastenerThe fastener shall have a hardruess of 25 HRC to 50HRC
5.8 Spiral Mechanlsm
The spiral rnechanism shall be capable of producinga close, uniform wist in safety wir without binding olor damage to the mechanismn This mechanism shall bmounted between the handles of the pliers and shall bepermanently affixed to one handle in such a positionthat the longitudinal axis of the mechanism shali correspond to the langitudiral axis of the pliers. The mechanism, when actuated, shall cause pliers to rotate aboutits longitudinal axis in its intended direction(s).

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