ASME B107.122 pdf download

ASME B107.122 pdf download

ASME B107.122 pdf download Nutdrivers
4.1.3 Type Il: Stubby Length, Type II nutdrivers shallconsist of round steel shaft with socket at one end anda handle at the other end. A bolt cearance hole shall beprovided in the shaft of the socket end. The nutdrivershall be similar to Fiq. 3 and conform to Table 3 or3M for the size specified. Style A nutdrivers shall beprovided with a conventio nal color-coded handle and/or shaft Style B nutdrivers shall be provided with acushion grip handle and need not be color-coded.
4.1.4 Type IIl: Miniature Handle. Type Il nutdriversshall consist of a round steel shaft with a socket at oneend and a handle at the other end. A bolt clearance holeshall be provided in the shaft socket end. The nutdrivershall be similar to Fig. 4 and conform to the Table 4 or4M for the size specified. Handle and/or shaft shall becolor-coded.
4.2 Materials
The materials used in the manufacture of nutdriversshall be such as to produce tools conforming to therequirements specified herein.
4.3 Marking
Nutdriversshall be marked in a plain and permanentmanner with manufacturer’s name or with a trademarkof such known character that the manufacturer shall bereadily determined. Marking shall include the productnumber and nominal socket opening size.Marking shallbe as permanent as the normal life expectancy of thenutdriver to which it is applied (providing the markedsurface has not been subjected to a fretting or abradingaction) and be capable of withstanding the cleaning pro-cedures normally experienced during its intended use
4.4 Hardness
The socket shall be hardened to not less than 35 HRCor case-hardened 0.005 in (0.127 mm) deep (minimum)to a hardness not less than 89 HR15n when tested inaccordance with ASTM E 18. When surface preparationis necessary, the amount of material removed in thearea contacted by the indenter shall not exceed 0.007 in.(0.178 mm)
4.5 Tests
Nutdrivers shall pass the tests specified in paras. 5.1and 5.2 and the applicable tables without failure or permanent deformation (set) that might affect durability orservicea bility.
4.6 Socket Opening
Socket openings shall be 6-point and conform to thegaging requirements of ASME B107.17M. Manufactur-ing process or pilot holes, if present in the socket open-ings, shall not exceed the minim um allowable acrossflats dimension times 1.04.
4.7 Shaft Finish
4.7.1 Surface Finish. Socket and shaft surfaces shallhave a rust preventive treatment and be essentially freefrom pits, nodules, burrs, cracks, and other conditio nsthat would adversely affect the performance or safetyof the tool. When provided, coatings shall be adherent,smooth, continuo us, and free from any conditions thatwould interfere with their protective value, safety, andfunctio n. The socket and shaft shall have a maxim umof 125 in. (3.18 m) [arithmetic average] finish whentested in accordance with ASME B46.1. All edges andcorners shall be smooth.

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