ASME A182 pdf download

ASME A182 pdf download

5. Chemical Composition
5.1 An analysis of each heat shall be made by the manufacturer to determine the percentages of the elements specified in Table 1. The chemical composition thus deter- mined shall conform to the requirements in Table 1.
6. Mechanical Properties
6.1 The material shall conform to the requirements as to tensile properties prescribed in Table 2.
7. Number of Tests
7.1 One tension test shall be made from each heat.
7.2 If any test specimen is defectively machined, it may be discarded and another specimen substituted.
8. Retests
8.1 When one or more representative test specimens do not conform to specification requirements for the tested characteristic, only a single retest for each nonconforming characteristic may be performed to establish product acceptability. Retests shall be performed on twice the num- ber of representative specimens that were originally non- conforming. When any retest specimen does not conform to specification requirements for the characteristic in ques- tion, the lot represented by that specimen shall be rejected, heat-treated or reheat-treated in accordance with 4.5, and tested in accordance with Sections 6 and 7.
9. Reports of Testing
9.1 Upon request of the purchaser in the contract or order, a report of the test results and chemical analyses shall be furnished. The specification designation included onreports oftesting shall include year ofissue and revision letter, if any.
10. Repair by Welding 10.1 Repair welding, by the manufacturer, is permissi- ble for parts made to dimensional standards such as those of ANSI or equivalent standards.
10.2 Prior approval of the purchaser shall be required to weld repairspecial parts made to the purchaser’s requirements.
10.3 The composition of the weld deposits shall be similar to the base metal and in accordance with the proce- dure qualificationforthe applicablematerial. Weldingshall be accomplished with a weld procedure designed to produce lowhydrogen inthe weldment. Short-circuitgas metal arc welding is permissible only with the approval of the purchaser.
11. Marking of Forgings
11.1 Identification marks consisting ofthe manufacturer’s symbol or name, designation of service rating, Speci- fication number, class, and size shall be legibly forged or stamped on each forging, and in such a position as not to injure the usefulness of the forgings.
11.2 Bar Coding — In addition to the requirements in 11.1, bar coding is acceptable as a supplementary identifi- cation method. The purchaser may specify in the order a specific bar coding system to be used. The bar coding system, if applied at the discretion of the supplier, should be consistent with one of the published industry standards for bar coding. If used on small parts the bar code may be applied to the box or a substantially applied tag.
12. Certificate of Compliance
12.1 When specified in the purchase order or contract, a producer’s or supplier’s certification shall be furnished to the purchaserthatthe material was manufactured, sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance with this specification and has been found to meet the requirements. The specifi- cation designation included on certificates of compliance shall include year of issue and revision letter, if any.
12.2 When specified in the purchase order or contract, a report of the test results shall be furnished. 13. Keywords 13.1 pipe fittings, steel; piping applications; pressure containing parts; steel forgings, carbon; steel valves

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