ASME A112.4.4 pdf download

ASME A112.4.4 pdf download

ASME A112.4.4 pdf download Plastic Push-Fit Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Fittings
2.1 Workmanship
Push-fit DWV fittings shall
(a) be free ofdefects thatcan adverselyaffectfunctioality or cause leaks
(b) not restrict the flow capacity of a DWV system
(c) not obstruct flow
(d) be free ofvisible cracks, holes, or foreign inclusions
(e) have uniform wall thickness
(f) be true to pattern
(g) have a smooth interior waterway
2.2 Materials
2.2.1 General Push-fit DWVfittings shall be madefromone of the following:
(a) virgin compounds procured from a singlemanufacturer
(b) a blend of virgin compound and clean reworkedmaterial generated from the manufacturer’s ownproduction
2.2.2 Rework Material.Push-fit DWV fittingscontaining rework material shall comply with the requirements specified in the applicable nationally recognizedstandards.
2.2.3 ABSABS compounds used for manufacturingpush-fit DWVfittings shall comply with minimum cell clas-sification 32222 for DWV fittings, as specified in ASTMD3965
2.2.4 PVC.PVC compounds used for manufacturingpush-fit DWV fittings shall comply with minimum cell clas-sification 12454,as specified in ASTM D1784.
2.3 Dimensions
The dimensions of push-fit DwV fittings shall(a) be determined in accordance with ASTM D2122(b) comply with the geometries and laying lengthsspecified in ASTM D3311(c) comply with the dimensions specified in Table 1
2.4 Elastomers
2.4.1 General. Push-fit DwV fittings shall include anelastomeric gasket that shall provide a permanent seaonto the mating connection joint Joints shall be suitablefor transitions between plastic piping materials.
2.4.2 Materials.Elastomeric materials used withinpush-fit DWV fittings shall be free from pitting, cracksair marks, porosity, and other imperfections that could affect performance in service and shall comply withthe test performance requirements specified in ASTMD3212,ASTM F477,Or ASTM F913.
2.5 Stainless Steel
At a minimum,stainless steel components shall beSeries 300 complying with the requirements of ASTMA240/A240M.
3.1 Tests for Push-Fit DWV Fittings
3.1.1 General. Tests specified in paras. 3.2 to 3.4 shallbe conducted using plastic pipe conforming to the dimen-sional requirements in ASTM D2665 with the restrainedpipe length of12 36 in.(305 mm to 914 mm), and theunrestrained pipe length of 66 into 72 in.(1 676 mm to1 829 mm) per Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3.
3.1.2 Coupling. The unrestrained hydrostatic test,shear test and deflection test shall be conducted usinga coupling
NOTE: A coupling is a connecting piece or sleeve
3.1.3 RecordsRecords of tests shall be maintained bythe manufacturer for 3 yr.
3.2 Unrestrained Hydrostatic Test Procedure
Test one fitting as follows:
Step 1: Install one push-fit DWV fitting according to themanufacturer’s instructions, and assemble between therestrained and unrestrained pipe lengths in para. 3.1.1and as shown in Figure 1.
Step 2: Secure a restrained support within 2 in.(51mm) from the nearest side of the coupling to be testedsuch that the support will allow any movement thatthe coupling may make during the test.Step 3: Subject the pipe assembly to hydrostatic pres-sure. Increase the hydrostatic pressure at a rate of 1 psi(6.9 kPa) every 30 sec until 15 psi(103.4 kPa) is reachedand hold the 15 psi(103.4 kPa) pressure for 5 min.Thereshall be no leakage.

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