ASME A112.19 pdf download

ASME A112.19 pdf download

2.4 Pump Housing
Electric motors or pump enclosures shall complywith UL 746C and be plastic rated 94-5V or better asspecified in UL 746C.
2.5 Jet Hose
The pump jet hose,if provided,shall withstand apressure of 25 ± 1 psi (172 ± 6.9 kPa) for 60 min.
2.6 Printed Wiring Boards
Wiring boards shall comply with UL 244A-1994,sections 14.1 and 14.2,and uL 796.
2.7 Switches
Switches shall be located in class 2 circuits only.
NOTE: A class 2 circuit is a circuit with an open potential of nomore than 30 v rms (42.2 v peak) supplied by either an inherentlylimited class 2 transformer or by a transformer and fixed impedancethat together comply with all the requirements for inherently limitedclass 2 transformers in UL 1585.
2.8 Electrical Supply Cord
Electrical supply cords shall be provided with 3 ft(0.9 m) minimum, 6 ft (1.8 m) maximum of permanentlyattached cord and an attachment plug for connectionto the branch-circuit supply. The cord shall conformto UL 62 or UL 817. It shall be marked “WaterResistant” and include an equipment-grounding conduc-tor. Where the electrical supply cord exits the fixture,the surface shall be smooth,with rounded surfaces orprovided with a grommet. Seals and gaskets shallconform to UL 157.
2.9 Pump Temperature Testing
The pump shall be tested as described in para. 2.2(b),section 34 of UL 778,at the maximum duty cycle thepump will allow.
2.10 Wiring Harness Entrance and LocationThe wiring harness and electrical controls not en-closed in the pump housing shall be located above theflood level rim of the tank or reservoir and above thedrains or overflows.
2.11 Life Cycle Test
The electrical components and pump shall pass a75,000 life cycle test.The test shall be performed onthe water closet at the maximum cycle rate the electroniccontrols will allow. Upon completion of the life cycletest,the average volume per flush shall not vary morethan 0.15 gal (0.57 L) or 10%,whichever is greater.
3.1.1 Water Closet. The water closet shall belegibly marked as specified in ASME A112.19.2Mand other standards referenced in this Standard (seepara. 1.3).
3.1.2 Pump. The pump shall have the followingmarkings visible on it in its normal operating positionand a second label visible on the exterior of the watercloset or cord stating:
To reduce the risk of shock, connect only to a properly groundedtype receptacle,protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter(GFCI).
The word warning shall be a minimum of 3/sz in.(2.4 mm) high.
3.2 Instruction Manual
An instruction manual shall be provided that includesinstructions for routine maintenance and operation.

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