ASME A112.19.10 pdf download

ASME A112.19.10 pdf download

1.1 Scope
This Standard covers physical and performancerequirements and test methods pertaining to dual flushdevices that are installed within water closet tanks whichuse 3.5 gpf (13.2 Lpf) or greater volume, to reduce totalvolumetric water consumption.
1.2 Units of Measurement
Values are stated in U.S. customary units and in theInternational System of Units (Sl). The US. customaryunits shall be considered as the standard.In this Standard, gallons per flush is abbreviated gpfand liters per flush is abbreviated Lpf
1.3 References
The following documents form a part of this Standardto the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise specified, the latest edition shall apply.
ASMEA11219.2M,Vitreous China Plumbing FixturesASME A112.196,Hydraulic Performance Requirementsfor Water Closets and Urinals
Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical Engi-neers(ASME International), Three Park Avenue, NewYork,NY 10016: Order Department: 22 Law Drive,Box 2300,Fairfield,N] 07007
1.4 Definitions
cycle time: the time beginning at the instant the flushrelease device is operated, and ending at the instant thewater supply valve is completely shut off and the waterstops flowing
dual flush device: a mechanism for control of water closetdischarge that provides the user with two options forselective operation with either a normal fill volume oa reduced volume of water from the tank. The dual flushdevices are considered to be those which are capable ofproviding at least 30% reduction in water consumptionOnly activation by selection of one option by the userand a release of the actuation selector, without requiringfurther action or holding by the user, shall be requiredUser involvement devices that require further action orholding of the selector control to participate in the process of maintaining the selected operation mode andflush (single-option flush modifying devices or rapidclosure devices) are not covered in this Standard flow pressure: the pressure in the water supply pipe atthe fixture fitting, valve, or water inlet while the fittingvalve or water outlet is flowing.
flush tank (gravity type): a device that stores a specifiedquantity of water. When actuated, it discharges thequantity of water, plus some through-flow from thepotable water supply or other acceptable water sourcefor the water closet sanitary service, into the water closetbowl or urinal by gravity. It is often a container for ameasured quantity of water, fitted with an inlet valveball cock) and a flush valve, and is either wall-hung orclose-coupled (with closet bowl).
lush valve: a special form of valve located at the bottomof a flush tank used to control the discharge of waterfrom the tank into a water closet or urinal.
sanitary: reasonably acceptable appearance and not necessarily microbiologically clean.
water closet: a plumbing fixture having a watercontaining receptor that receives liquid and solid bodywaste and, upon actuation, conveys the waste throughan exposed integral trap seal into a gravity drainagesystem
water savings: the amount of flush volume water reduction in gallons or percentage when comparing consumption with and without a dual flush device for a watercloset.
water surface: the surface of the still water in the watercloset bowl when filled to the trap weir.
21 Functional Operation
When designed for installation in a gravity-type flushtank, the dual flush device shall fit within the tankpunching without interference with other operatingparts, except for the specific design requirements formodification of the function and operation, with freemovement of all parts. Inserts and attachments withinthe tank shall not restrict the movement or operation ofall parts, except for specific limits purposely intendedby the design and operating needs of the device(s). Theuser shall be required to activate the function by actuation of the selector control or handle and release: theselected flush mode shall be completed without requiring further action or holding by the user.

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