ASME A112.18.1 pdf download

ASME A112.18.1 pdf download

ntay: when used, indicates an alternate requirement oroption.
metering faucet: a faucet that, after actuation, dispenseswater for a predetermined volume or period of timeFixed or adjustable cycle duration or volume areallowable
mtixing ualve, single confrol: fitting with a single controlthat shall serve to turn water on and off, and to changtvolume and temperature by means of a single handlemixing valve, single-handle: fitting that, when suppliedwith both hot and cold water, changes the dischargewater temperature by means of a single handle.
mixing valve, single-handle, cycling type: single-handlemixing valve that rotates from off, through cold and mixto hot, and then in reverse to shut off.
mixing valve, two-handle: a combination fitting with separate hot and cold water control valves.
ronpotable wafer: contaminated water, not suitabie forhumnan or animal consumption, or water contained inany receptor.
permanent nuark or label: a mark or a label that is intendedto remain in the applied position for the lifetime of thefitting under conditions of normal use
physical vapor deposition (PVD): a family of coating processes in which the surface layer is formed by the deposition of individual atoms or molecules of a material thatis vaporized from a solid or liquid source, transportedthrough a low pressure gaseous or plasma environmentand condensed on a substrate surface.
ptt: a small depression or cavity.
potable water: water that is satisfactory for drinking, culinary, and domestic purposes, and meets the requirements of the health authority having jurisdiction.
pressure envelope: outside part of the fitting that withstands and contains the water pressure.
primary outlet: outlet from the fitting on the dischargeside of the control valve through which water will discharge unless diverted to another outlet.
public lavatory fittings: fixture fittings designed to beinstalled in nonresidential bathrooms that are open topublic access.
rigid waterway: any cross section of a waterway that iscapable of transmitting a damaging load to the body ofthe fitting
seat disk: disk or washer that, when compressed againstthe seat, provides a watertight seal.
secondary outlet: the outlet from the fitting, other thanthe primary outlet on the discharge side of the valve,through which water may be discharged.self-closing faucet: faucet that is designed to close itselfimmediately upon release of the handle.shall: where used, indicates a mandatory requirementsignificant surface: exposed surface that, if marred, woulddetract from the appearance of the fitting.standard tools: tools, such as a screwdriver, key wrenchflat jawed wrench, and pliers, which are normally carried by plumbers for the installation and maintenanceof plumbing.
stop: valve for the purpose of controlling the flow ofwater.
supply stop: valve, either integral or separate, that isplaced ahead of a terminal fitting to shut off the supplyto that terminal fitting.
surface defect: any pit, blister, crack, peeling, or discoloration.terminal fifting: last valve before atmospheric dischargeualve: fitting by which the flow may be started, stoppedand regulated by a movable part that opens and/orobstructs one or more passages.
21 Toxicity Evaluation
All materials or products that come into contact withdrinking water shall comply with NSF 61. Supply fit-tings covered by the scope of NSF 61 shall comply withthe requirements of that standard.Solder and fluxes containing lead in excess of 0.2%shall not be used in contact with potable water. Metalalloys in contact with potable water shall not exceed 8%lead content.
2.2 Coatings
2.2.1 Electrodeposited Coatings on Metals(a) Appearance. The significant surfaces of the platedarticle shall be free of surface defects, roughness, anduncoated areas, and shall not be stained.(b) Adhesion. The electrodeposited metallic coatedparts shall meet the performance requirements by conformance to one of the following adhesion tests asdefined in ASTM B 571:

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