BS ISO 18227 pdf download

BS ISO 18227 pdf download

BS ISO 18227 pdf download Soil quality — Determination of elemental composition by X- ray fluorescence
This International Standard specifies the procedure for a quantitative determination of major and traceelement concentrations in homogeneous solid waste, soil, and soil-like material by energy dispersiveX-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry or wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRFspectrometry using a calibration with matrix-matched standards.
This International Standard is applicable for the following elements: Na, Mg, Al, Si, PS, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, V, CrMn,Fe, Co, Ni, Cu,Zn, As,Se, Br, Rb, Sr, Y,Zr, Nb, Mo,Ag, Cd,S,Sb, Te,l, Cs, Ba,Ta, W,Hg, Tl,Pb, Bi,Thand U. Concentration levels between approximately 0,000 1 % and 100 % can be determined dependingon the element and the instrument used
2 Normative references
The following documents, in whole or in part are normatively referenced in this document and areindispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undatedreferences, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 11464, Soil quality – Pretreatment ofsamples for physico-chemical analysis
ISO 11465, Soil quality – Determination of dry matter and water content on a mass basis — Gravimetricmethod
ISO/IEC 17025,General requirements for the competence oftesting and calibration laboratoriesEN 14346:2006,Characterization of waste – Calculation ofdry matter by determination of dry residue orwater content
EN 15002:2006, Characterization ofwaste — Preparation of test portions from the laboratory sample
Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.NOTESee References [11] and (14] for non-specified terms
absorption edge
jump of the mass absorption coefficient at a specific wavelength or energy
absorption of X-rays
loss ofintensity ofX-rays by an isotropic and homogenous material as described by the Bouger-Lambert
specific characteristic X-ray spectral line of the atom or ion of the analyte used for the determination ofthe analyte content
continuous radiation
electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration of a charged particle, such as an electron, whendeflected by another charged particle, such as an atomic nucleus
spectral line due to incoherent scattering (Compton-effect) occurring when the incident X-ray photonstrike an atom without promoting fluorescence
Note 1 to entry: Energy is lost in the collision and therefore the resulting scattered X-ray photon is of lower energythan the incident X-ray photon.
drift correction monitor
physically stable sample used to correct for instrumental drift
emitted sample X-ray
radiation emitted by sample consisting of X-ray fluorescence radiation and scattered primary X-rays
fused bead
analyte sample prepared by dissolution in a flux
liquid sample
analyte sample submitted as a solution for direct measurement in the sample cup
mass absorption coefficient
constant describing the fractional decrease in the intensity of a beam of -radiation as it passes throughan absorbing medium

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