BS ISO 18422 pdf download

BS ISO 18422 pdf download

BS ISO 18422 pdf download Ships and marine technology — Inland navigation vessels — Plate with instructions for rescue, resuscitation and first aid for drowning persons
This International Standard specifies a plate with instructions for rescue, resuscitation and first aid ofdrowning persons. This plate is intended for use
on inland navigation vessels;
at suitable places on the shore of inland waterways, e.g. harbours, berths, locks, sluices, etc..
at other suitable places.
Normative referencesThe following documents,in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and areindispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undatecreferences, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies
ISO 216, Writing paper and certain classes of printed matter — Trimmed sizes — A and B series, andindication ofmachine direction
ISO 2768-1, General tolerances – Part 1: Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individuatolerance indications
3Dimensions and shape
General tolerances:ISO 2768 C
Shape is typically rectangular, but may also be circular for installation at or in lifebuoy housings.
The recommended dimension is A3 according to ISO 216.0ther suitable dimensions are A4 according toSO 216 or circular with a diameter of 400 mm lf required larger sizes may be used.
4 Design
4.1 Material
The plate shall be of resistant material. This requirement is fulfilled if the plate is made of
PVC: hard PVC with a thickness ofat least 1 mm, or
Al: aluminium with a thickness of at least 05 mm or
IP:laminated paper or coated paper, or
PVC F: PVC – as self-adhesive foil.
NOTEPolystyrene is not suitable, because it is not sufficiently resistant against cold impact.
Plates made of hard PVC or aluminium shall have suitable bore holes in the corners for mounting
4.2 Resistance against UV light Plates shall be sufficiently resistant against UV light. For example, this requirement is fulfilled if the plate is printed in screen printing technique with solvent colouring agents and finished with transparent coating.
5 Contents
5.1 General The plate shall be designed using meaningful pictures and short texts. The message shall be easily comprehensible, regardless of the language. An example for a plate with instructions for rescue, resuscitation and first aid for drowning persons is given in Figure A.1.
The order of the figures shall be as stated in 5.4.
5.2 Emergency call
A reference to the necessary emergency call shall be made. The standard emergency number of the relevant country, see Annex B, shall be stated.
The following five questions shall be listed:
— Where did it happen?
— What happened?
— How many persons are injured?
— What kind of injuries? If applicable, also mention on-going cardiopulmonary resuscitation!
— Wait for further questions!
5.3 Self-protection
The priority of the rescuer’s self-protection shall be clearly stated. For this purpose, the most important behavioural rules shall be listed or shown in the pictures.
— If possible, help the drowning person out of the water from land/from the boat by using ropes, poles or floating objects.
— If rescuing from a boat, wear a life jacket if possible.
If, despite these efforts, the rescuer decides to get into the water, he/she shall:
a) remove any heavy clothing (e.g. overcoat);
b) enter the water carefully, if possible, just glide into the water;

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