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ISO IEC 24787 pdf download Information technology — Identification cards — On-card biometric comparison
6 Architecture of biometric matching using an ICC
6.1 General
The following subclauses details, for the purposes of illustration, four methods for allocating the biometric matching functionality between an ISO/IEC 7816 conformant card and the biometric verification system. Only 6.3 and 6.4 are within the scope of this standard. To perform enrolment, the biometric sample from the user is captured for biometric reference creation, then the user’s information are uploaded to the card. This does not apply to system-on-card biometric comparison as specified in 6.5.
6.2 Off-card biometric comparison Off-card biometric comparison means the biometric verification is performed on the biometric verification system side. The card acts as a storage device to store the biometric reference(s) of the user. Figure 1 provides a schematic of the various process steps. To perform verification, the biometric verification system will obtain access to the ICC and read the user’s biometric reference.
The role of the biometric verification system is to capture the biometric sample and to perform biometric verification. If the biometric verification is successful, the biometric verification system will change its security status. This may include downloading further information from the card for a subsequent transaction. If unsuccessful, further access will be denied. Cryptography is usually used to mutually authenticate the card and the biometric verification system.
To protect the communication between the biometric verification system and the card, a secure channel should be established prior to the transfer of any template or data.
EXAMPLE Consider a physical access system where the biometric reference and access code is stored on the ICC. The biometric verification system reads the biometric reference from the card, and performs biometric verification. In case of successful verification, it reads the access code from the card and sends it to the back end system that opens the door.
6.3 On-card biometric comparison (sensor-off-card)
On-card biometric comparison means the biometric sample verification is performed in the card. The process is schematically represented in Figure 2. The ICC CPU should have sufficient processing power to perform the matching. The enrolment process is the same as or similar to that for off-card matching.
To perform on-card biometric comparison , the biometric verification system captures the biometric sample and extracts biometric data. The created biometric data is then uploaded to the card for verification. The verification process is executed on-card. If the biometric verification is successful the card’s security state is updated and an appropriate signal sent to the back-end system.

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