ISO IEC 10646 pdf download

ISO IEC 10646 pdf download

ISO IEC 10646 pdf download Information technology — Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS)
1. Modifications to existing blocks
Insert the additional character glyphs and names at the indicated positions in the blocks given below.Plane 0o
Arabic Extended-AGujarati
Number Forms
Devanagari ExtendedCombining
Half MarksPlane 01
These blocks contain new characters and names at the following code positions:
08B3-08B4 08E3 0AF9 0C5A 13F513F8-13FD 218A-218B A8FD FE2E-FE2F 11300 11350115DC-115DD
2.New blocks
Insert the following additional block.Plane 0o
Cherokee Supplement
This block adds new characters and names at the following code positions:AB70-ABBF
Page 2381,Annex A.1
Add a ‘*” (for fixed collection) for the folowing collection:65 COMBINING HALF MARKS
ln the list of collection numbers and names, after165 LATIN EXTENDED-E
insert the new entry:
Page 2386, annex A.1
ln the alphabetical list of keywords in Note 3, add the value 166 to the Cherokee entry.Page 2387,Annex A.2.1
ln the list of blocks in the BMP, insert the following new entry:CHEROKEE SUPPLEMENT
Page 2419,Annex G
Insert each of the new character name entries at the appropriate position, ordered alphabetically by the charac-ter name, in the list of character names in Annex G. These new names are provided in a machine-readableformat that is accessible as a link to this document.
Click on this highlighted text to access the file containing the new names.
NOTE – The content is also available as a separate viewable file in the same file directory as this docu-ment. The file is named: “Aminames.txt”.

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