ISO 22854 pdf download

ISO 22854 pdf download

ISO 22854 pdf download Liquid petroleum products — Determination of hydrocarbon types and oxygenates in automotive- motor gasoline and in ethanol (E85) automotive fuel — Multidimensional gas chromatography method
This International Standard specifies the gas chromatographic (GC) method for the determinationof saturated, olefinic and aromatic hydrocarbons in automotive motor gasoline and ethanol (E85automotive fuel.Additionally, the benzene content, oxygenate compounds and the total oxygen contentcan be determined.
NOTE 1For the purposes of this document, the terms % (m/m) and % (V/V) are used to represent respectivelythe mass fraction, u, and the volume fraction, q.
This International Standard defines two procedures, A and B.
Procedure A is applicable to automotive motor gasoline with total aromatics of up to 50 % (V/V); totalolefins from about 1,5 % (V/V) up to 30 % (V/V); oxygenates from 0,8 % (V/V) up to 15 % (V/V); totaloxygen from about 1,5 % (V/V) to about 3,7 % (V/V); and benzene of up to 2 % (V/V). The system maybe used for ethers with 5 or more C atoms up to 22 % (V/V) but the precision has not been establishedup to this level.
Although this test method may be used to determine higher-olefin contents of up to 50 % (V/V), theprecision for olefins was tested only in the range from about 1,5 % (V/V) to about 30 % (V/V).
Although specifically developed for the analysis of automotive motor gasoline that contains oxygenatesthis test method may also be applied to other hydrocarbon streams having similar boiling ranges, suchas naphthas and reformates.
NOTE 2 For Procedure A, precision data have been established for the oxygenate compounds in automotivemotor gasoline samples containing ethyl-tert-butyl ether (ETBE), methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE), tert-amylmethyl ether (TAME), iso-propanol, iso-butanol, tert-butanol, methanol and ethanol. The derived precisiondata for methanol do not comply with the precision calculation as presented in this International StandardApplicability of this International Standard has also been verified for the determination of n-propanol, acetoneand di-isopropyl ether (DIPE). However, no precision data have been determined for these compounds.
Procedure B describes the procedure for the analysis of oxygenated groups (ethanol, methanol, ethersC3 – C5 alcohols) in ethanol (E85) automotive fuel containing ethanol between 50 % (V/V) and 85 (V/V). The gasoline is diluted with an oxygenate-free component to lower the ethanol content to a valuebelow 20 % (V/V) before the analysis by GC. If the ethanol content is unknown, it is advised to use adilution of 4:1 when analysing the sample.
The sample may be fully analysed including hydrocarbons. Precision data for the diluted sample is onlyavailable for the oxygenated groups.
NOTE 3 For Procedure B, the precision may be used for an ethanol fraction from about 50 % (V/V) up to85 % (V/V). For the ether fraction, the precision as specified in Table 6 may be used for samples containing atleast 11 % (V/V) of ethers. For the higher alcohol fraction, too few data were obtained to derive a full precisionstatement and the data presented in Table 6 are therefore only indicative.
NOTE 4 While developing this test method, the final boiling point was limited to 215 °C.
NOTE 5An overlap between C9 and C10 aromatics can occur. However,the totalis accurate. lsopropyl benzeneis resolved from the C8 aromatics and is included with the other C9 aromatics.

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