IEC 61842 pdf download

IEC 61842 pdf download

IEC 61842 pdf download Microphones and earphones for speech communications
1 Scope
This standard applies to the microphone part and earphone part of handsets,headsets orearsets for speech communications,and also to the microphone units and earphone units ofbuilt-in handsets,headsets or earsets.The object of this standard is to establish definitionsrelating to these electroacoustic transducers,and to standardize the characteristics to bespecified and the relevant methods of measurement.This does not exclude the use of othermethods of measurement which can be shown to give the same or more reliable results.
2Normative references
The following reference documents are indispensable for the application of this document.Fordated references, only the edition cited applies.For undated references,the latest edition ofthe referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
lEC 60268-1:1985,Sound system equipment – Part 1: GeneralIEC 60268-4,Sound system equipment – Part 4: Microphones
IEC 60268-7,Sound system equipment – Part 7: Headphones and earphones
IEC 60318-1,Electroacoustics – Simulators of human head and ear – Part 1:Ear simulator forthe calibration of supra-aural carphones
IEC 60603-11:1992,Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards -Part 11: Detail specification for concentric connectors (dimensions for free connectors andfixed connectors)
IEC 60711,Occluded-ear simulator for the measurement of earphones coupled to the earby ear inserts
IEC 61094-1,Measurement microphones – Part 1: Specifications for laboratory standardmicrophones
IEC 61094-4,Measurement microphones – Part 4: Specifications for working standardmicrophones
ITU-TP.51,Artificial mouth
ITU-TP.370,Coupling hearing aids to telephone sets
3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
assembly for speech communications,which is a handle including a microphone part and anearphone part suitable to be held by the talker’s hand
assembly for speech communications, which consists of a holder to put on the talker’s head,one or two earphone parts and a microphone part, so as to keep the talker’s hands free
assembly for speech communications, which consists of an earphone part and a microphone part, so as to keep the talker’s hands free, without a holder to put on the talker’s head
NOTE The distinction between an earset and a headset is as complicated as it is between an earphone and a headphone. Table 1 explains the definitions of earphone, headphone, earset and headset used in this standard.
microphone for speech communications:
a) part of a handset, an earset or a headset, which functions as a microphone (an acoustoelectrical transducer)
b) assembly of a microphone unit for speech communications and a case for measurement purposes, including acoustical circuit elements so as to obtain practical frequency characteristics

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