IEC 60705 pdf download

IEC 60705 pdf download

IEC 60705 pdf download Household microwave ovens – Methods for measuring performance
1 Scope
This International Standard applies to microwave ovens for household use. It also applies to combination microwave ovens.
This standard defines the main performance characteristics of household microwave ovens which are of interest to the user, and it specifies methods for measuring these characteristics.
NOTE 1 This standard does not deal with
– ovens which cannot accept a load having a diameter of ≥200 mm;
– safety requirements (see IEC 60335-2-25 [1 ] 1 F 0 F * and IEC 60335-2-90 [2]).
NOTE 2 This standard does not apply to ovens incorporating conventional heating means only (see IEC 60350) [3].
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 80000-1 :2009, Quantities and units – Part 1: General
3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
microwave oven
appliance using electromagnetic energy in the ISM frequency band of 2 450 MHz, for heating food and beverages in the cavity
NOTE 1 The microwave oven may incorporate a browning element.
NOTE 2 ISM frequency bands are the electromagnetic frequencies established by the ITU and reproduced in CISPR 1 1 [4].
combination microwave oven
microwave oven in which the microwave energy is combined with thermal energy
microwave transparent
property of a material having negligible absorption and reflection of microwaves
NOTE The relative permittivity of a microwave transparent material is less than 7 and the relative loss factor is less than 0,01 5.
rated voltage
voltage assigned to the appliance by the manufacturer
4 Classification
Appliances are classified according to their type and characteristics.
4.1 According to type
– Microwave ovens
– Combination microwave ovens
The type of oven shall be stated in the report.
4.2 According to characteristics
– Usable cavity dimensions
– With or without a turntable
The characteristics of the oven shall be stated in the report.
5 List of measurements
Performance is measured by the tests listed in Table 1 .
6 General conditions for measurements
6.1 General
Unless otherwise specified, the measurements are made under the following conditions.
When a metal turn table or any metal accessories are provided and used for the measurements, the load position and the corresponding shape of the metal turn table or any metal accessories shall be reported, together with the test results.
If numbers have to be rounded, they shall be rounded to the nearest 50 W according to ISO 80000-1 :2009, Annex B.3 Rule B. If the rounding takes place to the right of the comma, the omitted places shall not be filled with Zeros.

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