BS ISO 11464 pdf download

BS ISO 11464 pdf download

BS ISO 11464 pdf download Soil quality — Pretreatment of samples for physico-chemical analysis
This lnternational Standard specifies the pretreatments required for soil samples that are to be subjected tophysico-chemical analyses of stable and non-volatile parameters and describes the following five types ofpretreatment of samples: drying, crushing, sieving, dividing and milling.
the pretreatment procedures described in this lnternational Standard are not applicable if they affect the resultsof the determinations to be made. This international Standard is also not applicable to samples when volatilecompounds are measured. ln general, international Standards for analytical methods will state when it isnecessarv to adopt other procedures.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For datedreferences, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document(including any amendments) applies
SO 565. Test sieves — Metal wire cloth. perforated metal plate and electroformed sheet — Nominal sizes ofopenings
ISO 10381-8, Soil quality 一 Sampling 一 Part 8: Guidance on sampling of stockpiles
ISO 16720, Soil quality – Pretreatment of samples by freeze-drying for subsequent analysis
3 Principle
Soil samples are dried in air, or in an oven at temperature not exceedingor freeze-dried (see 5.3).Ifnecessary, the soil sample is crushed while stil damp and friable, and again after drying (see 5.4). The soil issieved and the fraction smaller than 2 mm is divided into portions mechanically, or by hand, to enable40·C
representative subsampling for analysis (see 5.5). If small subsamples (< 2 g) are required for analysis, thesize of the particles of the fraction smaller than 2 mm is further decreased (see 5.6). The necessary proceduresare given in the flow diagram in Figure 1. A drying temperature of 40 C in an oven is preferable to air drying at room temperature because the increasedspeed of the drying limits changes due to microbial activity. it should be noted that every type of pretreatment will have an influence on several soil properties. The sieve aperture size of 2 mm is generally used. However, before the pretreatment is started, it should bechecked if any of the analytical methods to be applied later require other sieve sizes. NOTEStoring soil samples. including samples that are as received,. air dried. refrioerated or stored in the absence of lightfor a long time may have an influence on a number of soil parameters, especially solubilties of both inorganic and organicfractions. See Reference [1]. Special measures should usually be taken for samples from contaminated soils. lt is important to avoid contactwith the skin and special provisions should be taken when drying such samples (air discharge, ventilation, etc.)

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