PD IEC TR 62476 pdf download

PD IEC TR 62476 pdf download

PD IEC TR 62476 pdf download Guidance for evaluation of products with respect to substance-use restrictions in electrical and electronic products
1 Scope
IEC/TR, which is a technical report, provides a framework for the use of internationally accepted standards, tools and practices to evaluate electrical and electronic products with respect to restricted substances. This technical report can also be applied to declarable substances which are not restricted in electrical and electronic products.
This technical report provides guidance on how technical documentation and relevant evaluation and control methods should be selected and applied for restricted or declarable substances of any producer’s product.
It is not intended for setting a new management scheme or for certification purposes.Evaluation and control methods for substances in products can be integrated into an existing management system, where available.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references. Informative references are noted in the bibliography.
NOTE This clause is included so as to respect IEC clause numbering.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
restricted substance
substance which is limited in its use in a product, part or material by regulation or customer contractual requirements
declarable substance
substance to be declared in a product by regulation or customer contractual requirements
organization that receives materials, parts and sub-assemblies from suppliers and provides products to customers
NOTE 1 In this technical report the producer has the responsibility to evaluate the product with respect to restricted substance requirements.
NOTE 2 This technical report is written from the perspective of the producer within the supply chain. When the producer provides a product further down in the supply chain his role changes to supplier.
organization up-stream to the producer that provides it with materials, parts and/or subassemblies
organization or person that receives a product
(ISO 9000:2005, 3.3.5, modified)
restricted substance controls
framework of procedures for the control by a producer of restricted substances in its products
technical documentation
documents with product-related data and information that are used and retained to demonstrate compliance
NOTE This information could relate to the structure and composition of the product, e.g. test reports or other data describing the materials or product parts used; or it could relate to management systems, e.g. relating to the control of processes used to make the component or product.
producer self-declaration
first-party declaration confirming evaluation of product with respect to restricted substance requirements
product category
group of technologically or functionally similar products where environmental aspects can reasonably be expected to be similar
(IEC 62430:2009, 3.1 5)

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