ISO IEC 16023 pdf download

ISO IEC 16023 pdf download

ISO IEC 16023 pdf download Information technology — International symbology specification — MaxiCode
1 Scope
This specification defines the requirements for the symbology known as MaxiCode. It specifies the MaxiCode symbology characteristics, data character encodation, symbol formats, dimensions and print quality requirements, error correction rules, decoding algorithm, and user-selectable application parameters.
2 Normative References
This specification incorporates provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed below. The latest edition of the publication referred to applies.
EN796 Bar Coding : Symbology Identifiers
EN1556 Bar Coding : Terminology
3 Definitions and Mathematical Symbols
3.1 Definitions For the purposes of this Standard the following definitions in EN1556 (Terminology) shall apply: algorithm, application standard, ASCII, autodiscrimination, binary, bit, CCD, code page, code set, data character, data codeword, data region, data separator character, decode algorithm, decoder, error correction, finder pattern, human readable character, latch character, leading zeros, matrix symbology, modulo, numeric, omnidirectional, orientation pattern, overhead, pad character, pixel, quiet zone, reference decode algorithm, Reed- Solomon error correction, scanner, shift characters, structured append, symbol character, symbology, symbology identifier, X-dimension
The following definitions also apply to this specification. Although some of the terms below are defined in EN1556, the definitions which follow below are more appropriate for this specification.
3.1.1 Codeword A symbol character value. An intermediate level of coding between source data and the graphical encodation in the symbol.
3.1.2 Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI) A protocol used by some symbologies that allows the output data stream to have interpretations other than that of the default character set.
3.1.3 Mode Indicator A group of modules, in MaxiCode, used to define the symbol structure, for example to specify the level of error correction employed in the symbol.
3.1.4 Module A single cell in a matrix symbology used to encode one bit of data. In MaxiCode the module is a regular hexagonal shape.
3.2 Mathematical Symbols and Operations For the purposes of this specification the mathematical symbols which follow shall apply:
c codeword
H vertical distance from the center of a module
in the top row to the center of a module in the bottom row
4 Requirements
4.1 Symbology Characteristics
4.1.1 Basic Characteristics
MaxiCode is a matrix symbology with the following basic characteristics:
a. Encodable character set:
1. The default character set allows 256
international characters to be encoded:
i. values 0-127, in accordance with ANSI X3.4, i.e. all 128 ASCII characters
ii. values 128-255 in accordance with ISO 8859-1: Latin Alphabet No. 1
2. Numeric compaction allows 9 digits to be compacted in six codewords.

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