ISO 5951 pdf download

ISO 5951 pdf download

ISO 5951 pdf download Hot-rolled steel sheet of higher yield strength with improved formability
1.1 This International Standard applies to all grades of hot-rolled steel sheet of higher yield strengthwith improved formability. The steel is killed, made according to a fine grain practice and has a suitablechemical composition,including microalloying elements, to provide improved formability. The productis intended for the fabrication of parts requiring better formability than is provided by normal high yieldstrength steel sheet It is generally used in the delivered condition.
1.2 Because of the combination of higher strength and improved formability, it is possible to obtainsavings in mass along with better weldability.
1.3 This International Standard does not cover steel intended for boilers or pressure vessels, steelsdesignated as commercialquality or drawing quality (covered in lS0 3573),steels designated as weatheringsteels, having increased atmospheric corrosion resistance, or lower yield strength steels having lessformability compared with those in this International Standard (covered in ISO 4995 and ISO 4996)
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For datedreferences, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenceddocument(including any amendments) applies.
ISO 148-1, Metallic materials – Charpy pendulum impact test – Part 1: Test method
SO 6892-1, Metallic materials — Tensile testing — Part 1: Method of test at room temperature
SO 16160, Hot-rolled steel sheet products – Dimensional and shape tolerances
ISO 20805, Hot-rolled steel sheet in coils of higher yield strength with improved formability and heavythickness for cold forming
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply
3.1microalloying elementelement,such as niobium, vanadium,titanium, added singly or in combination to obtain higher strengthevels combined with better formability, weldability and toughness as compared with non-alloyed steelproduced to equivalent strength levels
3.2hot-rolled steel sheetproduct obtained byrolling heated steel through a continuous hot strip mill or other hot rolling processesthat produce a coiled product to the required sheet thickness and tolerances
Note 1 to entry: The product has a surface covered with oxide or scale resulting from the hot rolling operation.
hot-rolled descaled steel sheet
hot-rolled steel sheet from which oxide or scale has been removed, commonly by pickling in an acid solution Note 1 to entry: Descaling may also be performed by mechanical means such as grit blasting. Some change in properties can result from descaling.
mill edge
normal edge without any definite contour produced in hot rolling

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